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An Artist's Challenge

I had someone ask me today for advice on making their character look more consistant every time they draw her. My suggestion to her was to get a pack of printer paper from walmart and doodle that character on every last page.

That got me thinking of an interesting artist challenge. Almost like an Art-Grind, if you will. Now I won't make people pay the $20 and the one that lasts the longest wins the total. But it would be an interesting experiment for any artists willing to play the game.

Basically the idea is simple. Pick a character, preferably yours, but I suppose it could be something from popular media (Like a Stargate Character) or just whatever. Sketch this character every day from June 1st til November 30. That is six months of drawing the same character every day. Post them, everyday, to your blog/journal. Track your progress. See how well you keep up. And most importantly, see from start to finish how you've improved at the character.

Is anyone interested in participating in this little challenge? If so, I might even make a community for posting progress.

Edit: I have made the community for it, since I've gotten some pretty good feedback thusfar (Not just here on LJ). So now's the time to start spreading the word as I make the post on what this community is about :) artgrind
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