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Don't Do This: Mall Admin Edition

Okay so, there is some drama going on with the FurNation World's Mall, which suddenly became the Drakeal Mall. Power play? You bet. This is /very long./

Here's the Drama that went in the form of /Admin Notices/ to everyone in the Vendor Group. Unless you really care about watching Admins bitch towards each other (As opposed to directly at each other) you should

From Infernial Solvang: "With Regrets" May 19th, 2008

To all Merchants and Staff of the Mall...

Please read the attached notecard for explaination.

I wish you all luck in your SL Businesses.

The Attachment Notice:

To all the Merchants and Staff of the Mall,

So much has gone on in my life over the past few months that I am being pulled in too many directions. I have got too much on my plate at the moment. Without boring you all with details, I must focus on my RL since I am trying to open up a RL Business (web design). I can no longer handle being the superintendant. I have been so preoccupied between the Mall, AllFurRadio, my business, taking care of my health (mental and physical) that I have been on the brink of a nervous break down. Infact for the past two or three months, I haven't really been able to put much time into being the superintendant of the mall.

I regretably must resign from the mall staff and FurNation completely.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Ethan Pow as I am no longer associated with the mall as of the sending of this letter.

Good luck to everyone with their SL businesses.

Inferniel Solvang.


From Ethen Pow: "Problem!" May 19th, 2008

since Inferniel Left, he locked and disabled the rest of the apez boxes, so if you have a apez box it will have to be changed when the time runs out. so there is no other option and I am not doing anymore forced boxes because I have no more time.


From Ethen Pow: "Plan." May 19th, 2008

All Stall Renters will be placed in the sky o the sim, a Builder will be comissioned to build a Mall then once its made all current Renters will have First Dibs on getting a spot. ALL land and shops will remain on the ground floor so they are noticed much easier. FYI do not ask me to do the comission, ask for the manager spot OR! Complain about what is being planned. the center of the mall will be slowly be removed (except the stalls and floors) to free pirms for the skymall part of the sim.


From Corsi Mousehold: "MY Plan." May 19th, 2008

I was really not looking forward to doing this before RCFM But ... Here goes.

At this time and in the liight of the mall crashing because of the recent actions I will be expanding the shops in Gamma and Vista. For those wishing to move and have their stores set up in these sims I wil be giving a full two weeks free rather than one. This change will be happening on the 27th of May and the two week gift is starting NOW. NONE of the current renters in the shops in Gamma or Vista will be affected in any way.


From Corsi Mousehold: "WARNING!! ETHEN HAS CHANGED THE MALL GROUP!" May 20th, 2008

The group for the FNW mall has changed and looks to be leaving the island set. If you have a vendor over there make sure you get your money back. If you can reclaim your rent .... do so now.


From Corsi Mousehold: "Working For the Future." May 20th, 2008

Well with Ethen leaving I am FINALLY getting the chance to bring officers into the group to help take care of adding people to the group, retutning things that are not suposede to be there and general assistance. I have added in the third floor renters in the Strip malls in Gamma and Vista (Head to the sandboxes, Look north, Can't miss it)Let me get out of RCFM for the time being. If you have ANYTHING you need .... Please go to Axeonos Fluffball or Victor Komparu. They can take care of you until the 27th.


From Ethen Pow: "Yes I changed the Group and Reason" May 20th, 2008

before I let the bitch mouse tell you what to do, I am moving all my sims including My Mall, I am going indenpendant because FurNation Staff has Disrespected me and acted like they can do better, yet, corsi does not have enough room on her current sims for a full mall. As for my move I am muting every single FurNation Admin that will try to harrass me. (Further info in notecard)

The Attachment:

I bet alot of people have heard that I would be moving, in the last month It left my mind. I am now Pissed at the disrespectful Admins in the FurNation Admin Group, I have already sent info to Linden Labs that I want to move and rename the mall. I own the Mall and my sims I have all control.

Corsi Mousehold and company has tried to get me to sell the Mall to them but when they have STOLE a sim form Logen Fasching, he was promised money for his sim.. he never got it. then people started to belittle me and act they control everything. they are wrong and I knew their little circles, changing often, always attacking someone within the group. sercet plans to undermine others. like when NEXXUS AND CORSI planned to steal my mall that I paid for, they misssed their chance if they ever had one and I am moving it and renaming my sims.

Owner of FurNation Pheonix was respectful and I Would help him anytime. he helped keep the peace as much he could. I would say he didn't do anything nor said anything to what I know about me.

I also helped anyone and said I would, no one never asked and complained that I would never help. I also got people into FurNation and Tried to make FN look good, I never tried to under mine anyone in the admin group and when I am going something I make it public.

Understand to anyone that harrasses me in anyway about this issue, I will take any legal means required. I want this to be painless as possible.

And if I know Corsi and Company will just make another mall sim, I can care less, they always had money issues and never helped to ask for my assistantance.

Hope you get the point I am making. good luck and have a wonderful day


From Corsi Mousehold: "A Solution to be provided....." May 20th, 2008

It is impossible for me to make a guess or to know exactly what everyone has for rent in the mall. I also cannot guess how much space everyone needs but I have a solution to hopefully rectify this situation.

All mall vendors that are renting space that cannot get their money back from Ethen's move will get one full months free rent in the shopps in Gamma or in Vista. Forward facing for those in the inner court and rear facing for those in the ring. I don't know what to do about the shops.


From Ethen Pow: "If you need help with the mall I am on now." May 21, 2008

If you need time recovery, refunds (w/o fee), vendor fix or group deed for shop I am online right now to handle those Requests. Do so now to get things before my mall moves and I will only take requests form now renters and those in the new vendor group of the mall.

thanks to LL que it will take 8 more business days before the mall moves.


From Anora Peart: "Anora's own few words." May 25th, 2008

Ethen, pleaz dont lie I was there wen desision about the mall were made, you never made a agrement to pay for the mall build you were paying inferniel to work in the mall not for the build and evryting hels is bullshit as well, so pleaz keep shuveling it if you wish. You lost many many friends wen your started this path.


From Ethen Pow: "Statement to about Inferniel Solvang." May 25th, 2008

pretty much my reply to that all is you could have talked to me in a mature and adult matter, and why would I lockdown all the apez vendors, it would only case more problems for me and me alone, I had to goto each shop and kill each one and replace it. you are only making more drama than need nessery, since you forget, I will rebuild the mall without your build, but this been handled better you sending a message that list your problems. I though your more mature than that.


From Inferniel Solvang: "Statement from Inferniel." May 25th, 2008

Due to recent events and drama in FurNation and Drakeal Estates, I must issue this statement about my actions recently and what is going on. Please feel free to pass this around so that you all know the truth.


To the Furry Community,

In the past week several things have happened to FurNation. It is time to put out a statement about some of the rumors and claims stated by Ethen Pow (the owner of the Drakeal Estates).

Firstly I want to say what has been happening in my Real Life. This week I QUIETLY resigned from being the manager of the mall. In my real life, I had wished to not have to list out the details, but let me say some things that have been going on in it. Over the past year alone, I am trying to get on Disability from SSI, I am seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist for severe depression and anxiety, I have lemphodemia (swelling of the legs from excess water and I almost had to have my legs amputated for it), my father died, I moved out of my mother's and am trying to become independant by either getting on Disability or opening an online business, I just had to end a 12 year friendship with my roommate who happened to be my best friend and kick him out cause he's an asshole, I was tired of the drama that is FurNation so I quit FN, I couldn't handle doing all the work around FurNation anymore (which is why Corsi and Nexxus added so many admins to the group so they could give alot of the stuff I was doing around here to people that could handle the jobs and I might add there are quite a few that do excellent at it), I am the CEO of the FurNation Branch of AllFurRadio (and tried so hard to make it a better Furry Radio station for this community). Last week I almost had a nervous breakdown. My therapist wanted to put me in the hospital for observation to make sure I wouldn't harm myself. And through all this the drama that is Ethen Pow never seased to amaze me. He was suppose to spread the profit from the mall (the mall made enough to pay for itself and one and a half other sims, I know this because the rent "WAS" going through my account until Ethen started changing my renter boxes to Hipporent and lyeing on me that the boxes weren't working. The ONLY THING that didn't work properly on APEZ was the "SHARE" FEATURE. It was suppose to auto pay Ethen 95% of the rent collected. It didn't and I had to give it to him by hand, which was never a problem. And he only paid me $25US a month for the ammount of work I did for this place. He was a TYRANT trying to make me do a job that you'd normally be paid at least $500US or more and didn't want to pay me for it.)

Now, I tried to slip out quiet. I gave Ethen the data from the Apez site and he lied saying that I "LOCKED" the boxes when I didn't. Ethen seized the oppertunity to turn my nervous breakdown and quiet resignation into more DRAMA!!!!!

Oh by the way,

To Logen Fasching, guess who it was that told Nexxus that you were planning to convince all the sim owners of FurNation to slit the island and this community..... Yep, you guessed it, Ethen Pow (I was present and so was Cobalt Neutra. Ethen RAN to Nexxus and couldn't wait to tell him fast enough to get you kicked out.)

To Chmarr Walcott, before you start believing everything that pompous and arrogant people like Logen Fasching or Ethen Pow tell you, you might want to start asking questions. Especially when I thought you were my friend.

FYI, be careful what you guys say on Ethen's TeamSpeak. You never know who is recording your conversations, especially when you are trash talking someone who put in alot of work helping Nexxus build this furnation community and that someone is rated among the top 5 nicest and most liked admins of FurNation.

So at this point, I am removing my mall build from Ethen's sim and have requested Linden Labs not do a rollback. This is due to Ethen's actions to turn my RL into drama for FurNation.

Loving the FurNation Community Forever,
Inferniel Solvang


From Ethen Pow: "Stall Problem, Sigh~" May 25th, 2008

since the Mall's main building(and shop prefebs) was returned, we will have to rebuild it, so we come to two solutions to fix the mall quick and effictively. All Shops and Land stores can still work when the stalls are offline, If you still have time we can move you over to a Empty shop parcel so you can operate without need to wait for the stall building to be rebuilt, for those that don't want to move you will be refunded in weeks you still have on your stall. contact me or Kahski Tuqiri to get support.


From Axeonos Fluffball: "Stop- just Stop" May 25th, 2007

never have i been more appauled at the constant bickering.... never have i even used this as an item to basically stop the fighting between you all. this shows bad taste. i have never such a disgrace of admins- what ever happened to "talking it out" instead we resort to constant notices that not only agrivate other admins but also vendors.

i am asking you....as Mrs Nexxus to stop. dont let James dream go down in flames becouse you cant see eye to eye. I Call for an end to this BULLSHIT at once. please


From Ethen Pow: "I will aplogise to the those in the crossfire" May 25th, 2008

I will say this to the community, I am sorry for my actions that is causing drama but my plans to move are not. I will Aplogise to those, I am a nice guy and when this blows over I might support FurNation like I have been even though. I can forgive and forget but not now. some lies and actions form Inferniel made me to cause more problems for you all. I will aplogise about that cause you problems but Equally same must be done by those that also Fuelled this drama in order to keep any more drama will arise


From Ethen Pow: "starting removal of remains of old building" May 27th, 2008

the old building remains that housed the stalls is now going to be returned, I just refunded and returned 1/4 of the old mall so far..

there is a skymall setup in the sky of Mall sim if you wish to remain a merchant for the mall there is a teleporter is south of the stargate

The Avatar stalls (that are in the center) can talk to me about some other options for you guys.

there is less then 3 days before I move the mall sim to another location, just fyi...

Now for my personal involvement.

Before any of this shit happened:

Transaction ID: 899026954 Date: 2008-05-15 20:00:12
Payment Description: Mega Parcel 1
Region: Drakeal Mall Destination: Inferniel Solvang L$6,000

I paid $6,000L for a month of vendor space on FurNation's mall. The drama started just a few days later.

First, I contacted Corsi Mousehold, as she is part of the FurNation staff, so this to me seems like a FurNation *admin* issue, and I Should speak with them.

She apologized to me for what happened. Then she offered me a very nice stall for free.


A few days later, I got this PM:

[19:35] Kahski Tuqiri: Hello, are you going to renew your membership to the Drakeal Mall plot that you have rented out?

I was offline at the time, I wasn't even at home. Three minutes later...

The object 'Second Life' has sent you a message from Second Life:
Your 21 objects have been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Kahski Tuqiri near parcel 'The WereHouse Avatars' at Drakeal Mall 40.2717, 219.082 due to parcel owner return.

= Second Life is owned by Kahski Tuqiri
= Location unknown.

(Yes, it's buggy. Yes it's funny that it says "Second Life is owned by". It's not funny right now, so don't bother bringing it up. It basically means that the guy didn't get an answer so just up and sent my shit back.)


So I replied:

I guess not. Am I going to get a refund for the rent before all the drama started?


[19:56] Kahski Tuqiri: I guess not what?

My reply: You asked me if I was intending to renew, and without waiting much time for me to reply, you immediately returned my objects. So in essence, you've decided for me. So now I'm asking, am I going to get my money back for the space I rented?

It's been an hour and I've gotten nothing back from them. Real professional. If they offered me: An apology, my money back, or a vendor spot, I might actually support them. FurNation's admins? Treated me very well during this. This Ethen guy? The sim owner? Nothing out of him except /drama/. Why would I want to be any part of that? Why would I want my store under /that/ kind of administration?

I sent an IM to Ethen directly:

[20:57] Jakkal Dingo: I am curious if I am going to get a refund on the payment that I've made on my land rental at FurNation's world mall, or any kind of compensation for the $6000L I paid *just* before this drama started. I see that someone has already sent back all my stuff despite having my rent up to date. I am not interested in whatever drama has gone on. Please let me know as soon as you are able.

Ball is in their court now.


Got a reply:

21:06] Kahski Tuqiri: your rental space was up anyways
[21:06] Jakkal Dingo: I paid $6000L for my rent space on May 15th. I sincerely doubt a month passed in what is not even two weeks.

[21:07] Kahski Tuqiri: if u check your space the rental box is up if u have any further issues contact Ethen pow
[21:07] Jakkal Dingo: I have. If this is how you run this mall, I doubt I will want to be any part of it in the future.

[21:08] Kahski Tuqiri: um yea i returned object that had a run out timer on it, Again contact Ethen for further info


You know, I don't give a /damn/ about what their issues were. I shouldn't need to know about the internal problems. I rent, I should get what I pay for. That's generally the way it works. I expect slip ups and issues to happen. We're all human (Despite them being furries) and we make mistakes. FurNation and Corsi did a wonderful job of rectifying the issues by offering free space for mall vendors. Even if they couldn't help us get what we lost, they helped us continue on. That means a lot.

Ethen and the Drakeal group have done nothing but sling insults and accusations at others, give empty, hollow apologies, and not offered compensation directly to those affected. This is not acceptable behavior. I told Fore that if they tried to get my money back, I would put it right back into their mall and keep my space, and see how well their mall does from that point. But if they aren't going to offer *anything*, Return my shit without waiting for a response, and then pass the buck, then fuck them. I'm not paying a *dime* into that mall, and I doubt it will last long with such *shady*, immature administration.

I don't expect them to act with business like conduct, but I do expect *some* decency, respect and maturity.


Edit! Ethen Pow finally wrote me back.

Suffice to say that he was *very* pissed off that this other person returned my crap. He offered me the full $6k back, and he apologized profusely. And that is /all/ I was asking for. While I still think that he handled this whole situation /very poorly/, what the admin does is their business. I don't want any part of it. I just want to make sure when I pay my rent, I get my spot.

But he is letting me keep my 2 weeks that I had left, AND he gave me a better spot (One that I wanted originally). So all in all, I didn't lose out and I got a good spot out of it. We'll see if business keeps up in this new sim if it's *worth* the $1500 a week I pay for it.
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