Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

The Grind...

I think shadowsmyst said it best when she IMed me today: "I find it amusing how you try to do something fun for a small group and ultimately, inevitably it gets blown up into this massive thing."

That /does/ seem to be my curse, yes.

If anyone is wondering what's going on, artgrind got a LJ spotlight, like right there on their main page. Worst of all they called it a "Contest" which probably makes people think "prizes", but there is no prize (Other than that self satisfaction stuff :P).

But we're looking into clamping down on the moderation of the group so only people taking up the challenge, and authorized, can post to it. That should help. I see we've already gotten the lion's share of people not reading, or not understanding the rules. SM is going to clarify that as well.

Oy. I hope we don't lose anyone that signed up pre-spotlight over this.

BTW, does anyone know how to set up a post that always stays on the main page of a LJ Community? I've seen people do this on their personal LJ's, but I'm not sure if a community can do it. Any help here? I'd like to have a post that's always up with the rules and join info.

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