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Mall Managers: Don't Do This.

So, yesterday someone dropped this notecard on me. I really hate it when people give me notecards because they're usually given to me after my IM buffer is full, and that way I never actually see that I get them. Then I look in my notecard folder later and there's a shitload of notes.


I got this notecard. It's so absurd. It'll make any sane person lol.

Hey, this is ********.
I am interested in hosting a vendor spot at my newly reopened club mall at *********.

Rent is FREE in this offer, at the clost of commission (you set the % I dont care what it is, This is more for traffic than anything.) or my prefered method: Access to your items, one a month free of charge. I prefere this method, Specially for Avatars and other high detail items.

I send this to you with the hopes that we may do buisness. And because your items are shown to be of high quality and may bring in some traffic once advertised.

Please Contact *******y if you want anymroe info or have other ideas of how i may have the privledge of having a vendor of yours on my land.

Access... to my items... for a little vendor spot that I've never heard of. Worth it? Absolutely not. And it's quite ridiculous that he would even ask for such a thing. I'm not even sure what "Access" means exactly. That he gets a box and I trust he takes just one av? That he gets a gift card once a month?

Though I am tempted to reply to him and say "Sure, that sounds reasonable" and then put a landmark giver to our real stores. He can have all the landmarks that he'd like.

It's just /so much/ easier to just pay $L for vendor space. Any 'trades' have always ended up screwing me over in the end.
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