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Don't Do This: Update Scam Fail

So I'm working on avs on SL when I get a PM from someone asking for an update for a Wolf Critter avatar. "No problem," thinks I, "I'll just send him this card here and he'll be good to go."

Then I see the taletell sign of disaster about to strike...

*Shady Character is typing...

And then nearly an hour later, he finally pipes up with:

[22:46] Shady Character: I'm really really sorry to bother you again, I know your busy. But I also need the updater for the Critters V3 Red Fox.

"No problem," thinks I... until I looked it up.

So I sent Burtan Tae after this fellow. Burtan is the rookie of the WereHouse team. But he handles the job well (Though not as sarcastically snippy as Forefox does).

[22:56] Jakkal Dingo: I just sent this guy a card for the V3 Critter Wolf. But then he said...
[22:56] Jakkal Dingo: [22:46] Shady Character: I'm really really sorry to bother you again, I know your busy. But I also need the updater for the Critters V3 Red Fox.
[22:56] Jakkal Dingo: I have no record of him having a red fox
[22:57] Jakkal Dingo: he might have it on an alt or something, but still, no record of it.
[22:57] Burtan Tae nods
[22:57] Burtan Tae: I'm on it

Also, I looked up this guy's IM history with me. He contacted me in January claiming he bought two avatars and didn't get them:

Shadey Character: Hi,I just resently bought the Kitsune and Werewolf Male avi's from your vendor in FurNation,and it took my money yet I never resived the two Avi's,I relogged to see if I'd get them then but I didn't,help?
Jakkal Dingo: When did you try to buy them. I'm not showing any record from the vendor or the SL transactions page. Can you check your SL Transactions page and paste to me the information for the transaction?
Shadey Character: 3:18 pm SLT
Jakkal Dingo: Well it would help if you could actually paste to me the transaction history.  I'm not getting any record of it, so I don't think the vendor actually took your money or you didn't actually pay it.

Not a thing from him after that. A few weeks later he actually bought those two avatars.

So here's how the discussion today went:

- Instant message logging enabled --
[23:00] Burtan Tae: Hello Shadey, you contacted Jakkal Dingo about needing further updates for your avatars. I think you requested a red fox avatar update but we do not have any record of you buying one. Is there some way you can confirm that you have that avatar on your current account or is it needed on another avatar's name?
[23:01] Shadey Character: Yes I did, and I already deleted it since my inventories big as it is and with the updated virsion I wouldn't need the old one ;>_<

Uhm, what? Why would you do that? If so, you've still got A. Either the box, or B. It's in your trash. Having both of those mysteriously vanish is simply... odd.

[23:02] Burtan Tae: Even so, do you have the box? It doesn't make much sense to delete it before you get the updated one?
[23:03] Burtan Tae: and as it stands without you providing the transaction history information through your account on the Secondlife.com homepage we have no history of it being bought
[23:04] Shadey Character: Fantastic, soyou're saying I have to go and just buy the new one?

Yes, typically people buy the avatars they want. Unlike, you know, scammers.

[23:06] Burtan Tae: Are you saying you don't have the transaction information? There's nothing I can see to confirm you had the avatar at this point so the only thing you could do would, yes, be to buy the most recent avatar
[23:09] Shadey Character: I'm saying, I'm looking at my transaction history from the latest date to day, it's not on there. I bought it around the time I bought my Critter Black Wolf. And unlike some people, not all of us are rich enough to say,"Oh well!" and go out to buy a 1.5K avatar :\

He bought the avatar around July of 07. The transactions history only stays up for a month. So there wouldn't be any record. The only kind of proof he could get is with the box, which was supposedly deleted. So obviously not all of us are poor enough to say "Hey, can I have an update for an avatar that I didn't buy?"

[23:11] Burtan Tae: If it's not there and you are missing your money I would suggest talking with a Linden Support representative as we cannot be held responsible for their failed transactions such as what seems to be the case. I understand that's alot to lose if you did indeed buy one but we hope you can get reimbursed and acquire the avatar you'd like.

Bwaha, classic. Deflect to the Lindens.

[23:17] Shadey Character: -.- It was not a failed transaction. I went to one of the shops, I bought the avatar, I put it on and I ran around everywhere in it for days. I went to a shop today, seen there was updates, I went through my inventory looking for all my avatars, I seen the Black wolf first and got the update, then I desided to go through the rest of my folders then I found I needed the update for the Red Fox. Once I sent Jakkal the IM like I did the first time, I deleted the V2 critter and waited for my updater.

See this? So he /just now/ deleted the avatar. Chances of him deleting it, the box AND emptying his trash? On top of us not having a record AND on top of him trying this in the past? Conclusion: You just got BUSTED.

[23:23] Burtan Tae: Well again, our records go back that far and still nothing about a red fox. There's not much else we can do to help at this point, but for future reference it is good practice to not delete original items before you are sure you have update that works, and even then to keep backups of originals.

*Name changed to protect the criminal.
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