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Right now I'm sitting here waiting for the mens to finish watching TV so they can install WinXP on my system. A good friend donated a legal version to me since he knows Win2K was driving me nuts. I've discovered that Win2k can't handle graphics programs very well, so I look forward to returning to WinXP. I just hope I don't get blaster again before I can get all the service packs and patches *G*.

Let's see, I've got the service bots back up on crossroads, and I got the backups running. Go me. Means a lot considering #1. my curse with machines, and #2. I don't know a damn thing about linux. Hopefully they'll be stable. I hope I can get Fyrewolf back up and running so you guys can go back to playing UNO when you're bored ;)

I've been working on a "How to draw comics" tutorial, at least in the style I use for BT. I've got all the screenshots n shit that I need, now I just need to draw it. I made a little animated gif of all the steps I take in the actual drawing process. This is rather large.

Hopefully I'll have it finished soon. I'll be teaching a live chat class for this tutorial sometime in the next couple of weeks. Please let me know if you're interested in attending.

All for now.

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