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Don't Do This™ - Bait and Switch?

Poor Fore. I don't know what I'd do without my workers on SL. Well yes, I know, I'd go crazy.

Don't you just love customers that don't bother to read all the signs and stuff, and then want you to correct their mistake? Sure, sometimes we do. Sometimes we're nice about it.

But if you're going to drag you boyfriend in on it to be a dick, we're not gunna help you at all.

The original PM:

[06:20] TheBuyerGirl: I have buy a "Black Leopard Avatar" in tour WereHouse shop, and i want know if it's possible to change the color . I'm interested by the "White Leopard". Thank You.

Fore's comments are in Italics. Mine will be in bold.

Conversation with TheBuyerGirl:
[12:03] Forefox Rolls: Hello Medusa. You messaged Jakkal Dingo asking about changing the color of the leopard you have purchased. We cannot do trades in our avatar because they are copiable. If you want a white leopard, you will need to purchase it.
[12:05] TheBuyerGirl: It's ok, i have finaly by e the white Leopard too. But i can't transfer the black one to my Boyfriend..
[12:05] Forefox Rolls: Unfortunately no. They are not transferable.
[12:07] TheBuyerGirl: You can't send to him a Black with'nt perm on.
[12:07] TheBuyerGirl: ?
[12:08] Forefox Rolls: They cannot be given to someone else because the permission doesn't allow it to.
[12:10] TheBuyerGirl: And you? You can't send to him a new? It's cause I have never want the black.
[12:10] TheBuyerGirl: i have clicked onthe wrong in the first time
[12:11] TheBuyerGirl: It's why i have send you the first message : Can i change the colour etc..
[12:12] Forefox Rolls: We have a policy post called the Caveat Emptor. The sale of any product is final because they are copiable.
[12:13] TheBuyerGirl: Ok.. or send me the first 1500 Linden of the black one. And my Boyfriend pay you an other Black for him
[12:14] TheBuyerGirl: And i delete mine of my inventory
[12:16] Forefox Rolls: There is no guarantee way for knowing if it has been deleted. The policy stands for all buyers, and there are no refunds for purchases in which the error was made by the customer.
[12:17] TheBuyerGirl: If i come to your shop with my boyfriend. You can sendhim the lindens or a black one to him
[12:17] TheBuyerGirl: ?
[12:19] Forefox Rolls: I will not do that. The sales are final. There are no refunds or special treatment that are given.

She sent her boyfriend after me shortly after that conversation ended...
I decided not to change his name because first, he tried to scam us. And second, I couldn't make up anything funnier than that. It really looks like Flesh Pig Grinder.

[12:21] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Hello, i am the Bfriends to Medusa. We are in your shop.
[12:21] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: boyfriend
[12:22] Forefox Rolls: Then Medusa has told you that the sales are final in all purchases as we do not do transfer of product from one account to another on their behalf.
[12:22] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: We are angry , because we have pay two times for have the avatar wanted
[12:23] Forefox Rolls: It is to be expected, but the problem didn't occur on our end, and thus we cannot take responsibility for an error a customer made in purchasing an avatar.
[12:24] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: We have click on the white, ut it's the black who hae apear in her inventory
[12:25] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: TheBuyerGirlOur english is a little ad)
[12:25] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: bad
[12:25] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: And the day after we have pay for have some new Lidens, r bye the White
[12:26] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: for buy t white*
[12:26] Forefox Rolls: Do you mean that the white leopard was showing on the vendor and it sent you a black one?
[12:27] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Yes, sorry our english is notvery well. It's ht
[12:27] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: it's that
[12:27] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: But the day after it's was OK
[12:28] Forefox Rolls: You repeated the same process and it gave you the white one the next day?
[12:28] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Yes
[12:29] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: If you verify in your sale list TheBuyerGirl i don't know if you have one) maybe you see: two time for the white
[12:30] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Or ask to Linden compagnie, i on't know what is possible
[12:31] Forefox Rolls: Typically the problems are consistant, but I will ask to have the records checked.
[12:31] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Ok, and the response in how many time?
[12:32] Forefox Rolls: I'm not sure. Whenever the person that is capable of doing so logs on.
[12:32] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Come to your shop, and send me the lindens and i pay for the black one in front of you.
[12:33] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: It's the same thing

The person sent me a TP to Therianation. I wasn't there, and I'm wasn't going to be bullied or bother with into going.

I checked the records. Guess what!? She bought the black one. Shock and awe! Then she bought the white one. Just like she said she did in the original PM! Poor Kayla, all the people blame her vendors.

[12:34] Forefox Rolls: I cannot authorize that. If it is a problem on our end it needs to be checked and made certain that there is one.
[12:35] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: You think, we say to you nor the truth
[12:35] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: ?
[12:35] Forefox Rolls: This process will require some patience, but if everything does check out then we will do what is needed to remedy it.
[12:36] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: It's mo easy : You come and send me a black ne .. i found
[12:36] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: more easy

He sent another TP again, declined.

[12:37] Forefox Rolls: I am skeptical, but in my line of work I need proof before anything is done. If I were to go down there, I would have no proof to back up your claim.
[12:38] Forefox Rolls: I need to ask you for patience while the records are checked.
[12:38] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: How many day or how many hours? you d'ont know?
[12:39] Forefox Rolls: I do not know now.
[12:40] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Ok i have a deal for you. you come and i send to you a lot of t shirt of my product ans you send me today the leopard
[12:41] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: We want today the leopard. We have a party: Annimal avatar .
[12:44] Forefox Rolls: You are attempting to bribe me. Unfortunately for you I have more integrity than to allow myself be bought. This does not make this process go any faster and diminishes your credibility. If you need the avatar now. I'd advise buying it so that you do have it until your claims are sorted through.
[12:44] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: No. it's not that
[12:45] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Bt it's not our fault if SL have a lot a problem and we are angry with that, and sorry for you too
[12:46] Forefox Rolls: If you need the avatar now, purchase it from the vendor so that you do have it for the event. Checking up will take time and afterwards if there is a problem on our end, we will do what is needed to solve it.
[12:47] Fleshpigrinder Pakula:
[12:48] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Scuse me but i found it's not commercl that
[12:48] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: commercial
[12:49] Forefox Rolls: I abide by the standards that are set so every customer are treated fairly.
[12:51] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Hum if we have want not say the truth, why we have bye two avatar with the same people?
[12:52] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: My english is horrible sorry
[12:55] Forefox Rolls: What matters is checking the records to prove what you are saying is true. Otherwise we'd be a target for those who'd want to scam us. I only ask for you to wait until the records are checked now.
[12:56] Forefox Rolls: The current alternative is that this matter is dropped, and nothing is done.
[12:56] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: On the Second Life internet te, you can see all the monnay transfert.
[12:56] Forefox Rolls: I am not the owner so I cannot see the money transfers.
[12:57] Forefox Rolls: I cannot confirm anything so I have to wait until the person that can gets on to do so.
[12:57] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: And who is the owner, is he online?
[12:58] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: I dont' understand cause my englishis bad
[12:58] Forefox Rolls: She is not on at the moment, but I will give her a transcript of our conversation.

Heh, heh, heh...

[12:59] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Ok . i send you a fried request for have news more easily
[13:00] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Ok?
[13:00] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: You have receive?
[13:02] Forefox Rolls: I only accept friendships from friends. I'll give you my calling card however.
[13:02] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: She is connectd all the days?
[13:03] Forefox Rolls: Not all, but many.
[13:04] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Ok. And it's not the truth for the tonight "annimal party" sorry
[13:04] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: But the rest yes
[13:06] Forefox Rolls: Okay.
[13:09] Fleshpigrinder Pakula: Send me a notecard if i'm not online when yu see the owner
[13:11] Forefox Rolls: We'll get back to you.

Not only do I get to deal with someone's 'significant other', but they try to bribe me with T-shirts! Bah! Here I was hoping for a muscle car or two, but taking that the person wouldn't fork a few dollars for an avatar, I wasn't holding my breath. There's a lot I'd would want to comment on about all of this, but I'm sure Jakkal will know what I was thinking for the most part of it. Enjoy.
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