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Don't Do This: I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

So I'm working on SL and I get this PM:
[1:45] Inquiring Mind: hello... sorry for this message : well i would like to be now an avatar you sell... the tawny german shepherd... they are cute and sweet.... well ... i don't have any L$ and i would like to be the german shepherd... i would liketo know if i can get it now... i promise that i will give you the money for it in 7 or 8 days... when i'll get them :) ... sorry fo the message

Really there's not much to say about it that isn't obvious. I'm merely posting it here just to point out that it does happen. It doesn't really surprise me that the person is asking for this. What gets me is his info. He has none. Like not at all. His profile is completely empty. I mean, if you have a huge profile with lots of groups, it doesn't really make you trustworthy, but it wouldn't immediately turn me away. But to have absolutely /nothing/ in his profile? That's a bit ... too much, even when too little.

This guy isn't a newbie either, so it's not like Lindex or Slexchange are capping his money because he's a newb.

Just... why not wait the week to get the av? That's what gets me most, I think.

Update: WolfShaman took care of it for me:

[2:29] WolfShaman Warrior: Greetings from the WereHouse Helpdesk. Sorry to say, We cannot give out avatars on a promise to collect payment at a later date. The reason for this is there is no way to ensure that someone would pay for the avatar after they received it. [2:31] Inquiring Mind: umm... ok

What? Not even an "Okay thanks?" "Umm... ok" is more like "Well what can I say that will convince them?" or "I've never heard of that response from a vendor on SL!" Gee.
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