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Abortion?:Should be a woman's own decision, not the Gubments.
Death Penalty?:Legal Legal!!
Prostitution?:Cheap whores
Alcohol?: turns people into even MORE annoying idiots.
Marijuana?:turns people into annoying apathetic idiots with the munchies
Other drugs?:legal good, illegal... should do a better job of killing the idiots that use it.
Gay marriage?:Separation of Church and State isn't all that separate.
Illegal immigrants?:Isn't that what this country started with?
Smoking?:DIE DIE DIE!!!!
Drunk driving?:KILL KILL KILL!
Cloning?:As long as it's not me.
Racism?: Is for the colorblind.
Premarital sex?:You mean people have SECKS?!?
Religion?:No thanks
The war in Iraq?:Bush's little vengeance quest.
Downloading music?: Yes, right now infact.
The legal drinking age?:Years ago, man, years ago.
Porn?: Too much on VCL
Suicide?:The most selfish act EVER.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

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