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Don't Do this: You just can't make up stuff this good... Oh wait, you can!

Forefox just sent this log in from a friend at one of the Black Ops stores in SL.

Now, I think it's pretty well established that many people don't like me. That's fine, I don't really care. Though occassionally one comes up that's just so ridiculous, I have to share the laugh with others.

For this one, you need a little backstory. Several years ago I was one of six primary 'administrators' for a graphical chat called Dreamshift. My job was sort of a lead artist and user admin. The other admins did coding, hosting, user administration and stuff like that. I'm sure some of you remember it. Well, about a year or so after the release, some kid hacked it and took the whole thing down. The admins started arguing and bickering, and we broke up and that was it. Dreamshift was dead. The artists got to keep their work, the coders kept theirs, and we didn't do anything else with it from that point on. I've stayed in touch with all the admins except the main coder. I have no idea what he's been up to, but I know he hates my guts. I always seem to be the target for everyone's hate, even when multiple people are involved.

Aaannnyyywaaay, apparently this log comes up in SL.

As always, my comments in Italics. Note, I left the guy's name because, well, if he wants to spread shit about me, I'll be sure to assist him by letting him spread it on my blog for all the world to see! Please note that I've never talked to this guy in my life, ever (Unless he's used other aliases).

[2:25] Innocent Bystander1: lol, I'm fired.
[2:27] Lyle Watanabe: welp I'm off cant stand this close to one of jakkals POs's befor I begin getting sick later

Dude. Sweet. I've somehow figured out how to remotely make people sick! I must somehow market this...

[2:27] Lyle Watanabe: stupid teleport system -.-
[2:27] Innocent Bystander1: hehe
[2:28] Innocent Bystander2: o.O
[2:28] Lyle Watanabe: was nice meeting you Innocent Bystander1 lets see if my attempt to TP works a third time:P
[2:28] Innocent Bystander1: Hey, not everyone has to like it, IB2
[2:28] Innocent Bystander2: I know
[2:28] Lyle Watanabe: No its not
[2:28] Innocent Bystander2: Just never heard of that reaction before
[2:28] Innocent Bystander1: Ok, I'd love to talk to you anytime, you seem a fountain of information
[2:28] Lyle Watanabe: Oh my complaint isnt with the avatar so much as the backstabbing lying cunt who made them

I get some amusing titles sometimes. Can you really picture it? A backstabbing cunt? There's talent folks. That's a talent I don't have, though.

[2:28] Innocent Bystander1: ooo do tell the story!
[2:29] Innocent Bystander2: Ah...
[2:29] Innocent Bystander1: I love stories
[2:29] Lyle Watanabe: My best freind a while back had some dealings with her he was a programmer and was helping her with what he though was a non profit endevour

I was like, what?

[2:30] Innocent Bystander1: oh dear
[2:30] Lyle Watanabe: a simple graphical chat system

Oohh, Dreamshift. Well this is going to be good? What did I do to deserve this malice?

[2:30] Innocent Bystander1: well, people fuck up, it's our downfall.
[2:30] Innocent Bystander1: Lord knows I've fucked up, but never when it was regarding products.
[2:30] Lyle Watanabe: Well they had what appeared to be a hack that destroyed the cdatabase

I think the hack that destroyed the database was Microsoft. That's why it was so easily hacked. But no, we didn't have that hack. We merely hosted the stupid thing.

[2:30] Innocent Bystander1: oh my
[2:30] Lyle Watanabe: so he began to try and reguild it
[2:30] Lyle Watanabe: for several months
[2:31] Innocent Bystander1: oh dear.
[2:31] Lyle Watanabe: turned out she was had been taking his scource code and reverse engineering it in order to sell

I'm sorry, but what? I think this person needs to get his ears checked. What happened was, sir, that the kid that hacked the system wanted to steal the code and sell it himself. He wanted to make his own and run it, and use the main coder's work, and use our artwork. We spent most of that time trying to protect everyone's WORK from the kid. Yeah that deserves a 'lul, wut?"

Kayla's probably getting a good laugh out of this from seeing my 'attempts' to code on SL. Look at that, Kayla, suddenly I'm a super awesome haxx0r!

[2:32] Innocent Bystander2: That's not nice,
[2:32] Lyle Watanabe: she then accused him of staging the hack through a back door she claimed he created in order to steal personal information of the users

And then rainbows shot out of my ass and I took over the whole world! Seriously, that's about as plausable.

[2:32] Innocent Bystander1: This is why I get to know my SL friends in RL, no chance of screwing over then
[2:32] Lyle Watanabe: This was befor SL

Yes, long enough for the rumor mill to distort me into a super hacker, backstabbing cunt!

[2:32] Innocent Bystander1: ohhh
[2:33] Innocent Bystander1: weird.
[2:33] Lyle Watanabe: She ended up getting him arrested as well as still uses his server software on her servers

... ... I don't even know the guy's RL name! I don't even know where he lives! Oh I see, this is like when people blame 'god' or the devil for all their problems. So now I'm a godlike superhacking, backstabbing cunt. Damn. That's some title for me to try to live up to.

Oh and he got arrested? Look kid, cops in RL are not like administrators on forums. You can go to them and say "So n So called me a poopyhead, go ban him!" No the cops need this thing called probable cause and usually proof. Did he get arrested? Well he probably shouldn't have been doing something illegal!

[2:33] Lyle Watanabe: hes scottish so it became a federal case because she claimed he was tryign to steal credit cards

So now I'm a godlike, superhacking, international cop, backstabbing cunt that somehow found out he was stealing credit cards. That shoots ass-rainbows. Can't forget the ass-rainbows.

[2:34] Innocent Bystander1: eek
[2:34] Lyle Watanabe: Charges were dropped but she had ened up having someone replicate his code so she didnt hafta pay him for it and so she could sell it

Uhm. I can't help but wonder if this guy is talking about that Manor thing we tried. Remember that ShadowsMyst? I know WR threw a stink over that. Long story short, we found out someone was doing a program similiar to what DreamShift did, only it was called The Manor, and the code/server was for sale. First of all, I have no idea who the programmer for that is. Infact, I think Myst was the one that found it. If that guy was working for me to steal some really backwards, nonfunctional code, then I wanna know why we were paying HIM to use this software.

[2:34] Innocent Bystander1: this is why I change EVERYTHING every 6 months =)
[2:34] Innocent Bystander2: Just... damn.
[2:34] Innocent Bystander1: I even move, cancel credit cards, change bank accounts...
[2:35] Innocent Bystander1: happens, to those of us who've been targetted once
[2:35] Lyle Watanabe: Shes dishonest backstabbing theiving and an all around horrible person

Because I do such terrible things in other people's imaginations!

[2:35] Lyle Watanabe: I've heard other tales of what she does to people

I wouldn't mind hearing them too! Afterall, I have no idea what all I've done to other people!

[2:35] Innocent Bystander1: how can you pin her to this person out of SL? curious
[2:36] Innocent Bystander1: I mean, I have no idea who she is n stuff
[2:36] TheGuyThatLoggedThis ...
[2:36] Lyle Watanabe: Other then the same name and its the same person who owns therianthropy .com

Nope, don't own therianthropy.com, never have, probably never will. He must mean therianthropy.org, which also, I do not own. My roomie owns it (He was one of the six admins btw.)

[2:36] TheGuyThatLoggedThis Jakkal stole source code to a chat client?
[2:36] Innocent Bystander1: oh.
[2:36] Lyle Watanabe: plus her comics and her freinds

What? I stole them too? Wait, are you making up my comics and friends! That's not cool, my imaginary friends are mine! Go get your own!

[2:36] Lyle Watanabe: as well as server software and other bits of code

Server software? Like what? I don't even have a windows hosting account anymore! Site your sources, friend!

[2:37] TheGuyThatLoggedThis You sure you've got the right Jakkal?
[2:37] TheGuyThatLoggedThis Because the Jakk I know doesn't know shit about coding.

See! Someone knows me!

[2:37] Lyle Watanabe: Posative yes
[2:37] Lyle Watanabe: She had one of her other freinds do the actual coding

Well if someone else did the actual coding, how could they steal it? Stole it from themselves?

[2:37] Innocent Bystander1: heh
[2:37] TheGuyThatLoggedThis ...
[2:37] TheGuyThatLoggedThis I'm sorry, I don't buy it.
[2:37] Lyle Watanabe: s'ok
[2:38] Lyle Watanabe: Never said you had to

Read: Cuz I know I just made this shit up on the fly.

[2:38] TheGuyThatLoggedThis yeah, well, brb again
[2:38] Lyle Watanabe: Just telling you why I hate her

I wish I could just make up reasons for hating people. Unfortunately I've got these strict personal rules about, you know, logic, common sense, 'n' shit.

[2:38] Innocent Bystander2: Okay
[2:38] Innocent Bystander2: both counts
[2:38] Innocent Bystander1: lol..... no one should hate anyone. This is a virtual world in which we can be anyone we like.
[2:38] Innocent Bystander1: DOn't like it? leave. lol
[2:39] Innocent Bystander1: I happen to be ME in RL
[2:39] Lyle Watanabe: And I'm me

A guy that lives in a fairy tale land of assrainbows and stupor haxxors!

[2:39] Innocent Bystander1: I'm lucky.
[2:39] Innocent Bystander1: You're not a wolf, sorry. lol
[2:39] Innocent Bystander2: I just treat tales in SL as I do with anything online... take it with a grain of salt.
[2:39] Lyle Watanabe: but again its the internet and dont trust anythign the internet says unless you can see proof

... Did anyone else just choke on the irony? I'm sure I wasn't alone.

[2:39] Innocent Bystander2: indeed
[2:39] Lyle Watanabe: And even then proof can be faked

Yeah, just look at what this guy said! Obviously that's his excuse for not bothering to produce evidence, you know, since it doesn't exist.

[2:40] Innocent Bystander1: heehee proof is sleeping in my bed right now
[2:40] Lyle Watanabe: :P
[2:40] Lyle Watanabe: the chat was called Dreamshift by the way if your curious

First time he's said anything truthful!

[2:40] Innocent Bystander1: And Teron has yet to meet me, even though we're 50 miles away
[2:40] Innocent Bystander1: oh good to know!
[2:40] Innocent Bystander2 checks his deadbolt
[2:40] Innocent Bystander1: LOL IB2
[2:40] Lyle Watanabe: welp I'm gunna fly out and see if the TP system is gunna work yet

Because it took him this long to figure out you just click on a landmark.

[2:40] Innocent Bystander1: ok, nice talking with you!
[2:41] Innocent Bystander1: =)

I tell you what. I'm damn tempted to PM the guy and be all like, "What the fuck are you talking about? This was the first time I've heard about stuff I did!" Now if I were gullible, I'd probably be like, "Shit I must be having severe amnesia or something when relating to this one individual and his antics!" But thankfully I'm not, and hopefully everyone else with half a brain sees through his lies too. I'm sure anyone familiar with the Dreamshift fallout is all like "What the fuck?" or laughing at the absurdity of me being this uber evil supervillian hacker backstabbing cunt.

So no, I'm not going to contact this guy. I'm going to do the worst possible thing I can do to him (other than this post of course). I'm going to ignore him. Because idiots like that don't deserve attention, and eventually they fall over their own lies into the black pit of obscurity. He's made a clear case that no one can trust him, and so shall it be.

Oh and if the Bystanders are reading this, I love how you guys blow him off. That's awesome.
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