Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

... People scare me.

I saw this posted by a user on CNN's ireport site. It's kind of like a blog where you report news. The person was reporting a protest of Sarah Palin, and this guy replied:

We support Palin 100%. She wants Christian God in our schools. Christian Prayer in class. Creationism taught in Science. She is our savior. Assault rifle in one hand, Bible in the other. What more is needed in an American? She wants Ten Commandments in government buildings. She is our savior - she wants no abortions. Rape victims should not have abortions. This is what God wants. She reads the Bible literally. She is our Christian Savior. Palin - McCain. She voted against the Bridge you liberal liars. Wasilla rape victims should indeed pay for rape kits. This is less government. Go Palin. Great Mayor of Wasilla. Great Alaskan Governor. This is what Palin wants - to cut government and regulations. We want a free market. Get rid of regulations. That is how we can prosper. Republicans are Christians for free markets and God directing our government policies. Liberal Democrats are godless and want regulations to kill all business. Vote for Palin for VP then President. America needs Palin. America must drill off shore and wherever oil can be found. Drill baby Drill. Keep God in America. VOTE REPUBLICAN.

This sentiment scares me more than anything else when it comes to politics. I miss conservatives and republicans that are down to earth and not bible thumping freaks. I've seen way too many Republicans pander to crazy people like this (Which is /really really/ common down here in NC). I was a fence sitter between McCain and Obama for a long time, until I saw McCain pandering to this crowd. That's definitely enough to sway my vote far, far away from the right.

McCain, you're a true hero to this country, but the religious right scares the hell out of me. You can't count on my vote even if we agree on a lot of things.

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