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With new avatars comes new drama. Don't Do This: Bad Losers

So we released our Dire Wolf Avatar today. At around 10pm, I held a contest to give away the avatars. All you had to do was register on our forums and answer the quiz question. Naturally when people LOSE something so quick and easy, they throw little hissy fits. Which is cool, cuz I get to share them with you guys in another edition of Don't Do This™!

I posted this on the forum because last time people complained that they didn't PM me in time because of SL lag. Others bitched that they were offline and couldn't PM. So this way, offline or not, SL lag isn't going to hit theforums, you sign up and post, you win it. Unfortunately they still find ways to bitch.

So this one was posted on the forums: "took two minutes too long to register. I bet this was just a ploy to get more people on the forum"

Hey, it worked. And next time they'll be better prepared to be a freeloader to win an avatar.

So they I get PMs. People doing the usual, "Aw, I didn't win, *excuse goes here*. I'm not going to bother posting those cuz they're not postworthy. None of them are as amusing as this one!

[0:00] KatImmaKittyKat: Nice of you to send notice of your contest late on a midweek evening when most of your American customers are asleep. :-)

It was at 10pm on the East Coast of the US. Granted, Europeans would have been screwed, but Americans? And why would American matter? This is SL. It doesn't matter /what/ country you're from! If you happen to be the quickest, you win!

So because I get so many of these PMs, I sent out a notice as a hint, that I'm not going to take anymore, I sent out the following:

Congrats to Arcane Clawtooth who had the speedy paws to register and answer the quiz before anyone else.

But don't worry guys, you'll get other chances! ... Unless of course you continue to PM me with verbal lashes about how unfair I am. Or how wrong the question is. Or the time of day it was posted. Or... well... I'm sure you get the idea.

No good deed goes unpunished, but worry not, I'm always up for more punishment! Be quicker next time!

So then she replies with:

[0:09] KatImmaKittyKat: Or perhaps how thin skinned you are? :-)
[0:09] Jakkal Dingo: I'm not the one that PMed to lash out twice!

If she thinks I'm thin skinned, she doesn't know me very well. But I also don't take a whole lot of pushing, and I'll feel free to push back. But hon, here's some advice. When you're about to PM someone about how you missed out on a contest or insult someone else after they lash back, LOOK IN THE MIRROR FIRST.

[0:10] KatImmaKittyKat: Only once, dear. You replied so I did too. Chill girl. I always loved your AVs and will continue to buy. Just settle down. :-)

Can we not count? You PMed me to bitch. I replied in a post. You PMed me to INSULT ME. That's twice. Everyone else count twice? I counted twice!

[0:11] Jakkal Dingo: It's okay, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy. Nobody's perfect!
[0:11] KatImmaKittyKat: LOL

That would be the mirror reference, yes. I'm thin skinned but you PM me with a not-so-cleverly veiled whine/bitch about how you didn't win, and then you followed it up with an insult. Yes indeed we have a word for this: hypocrisy.

[0:11] Jakkal Dingo: But honestly, what /was/ the point of the first PM if not to try to rile me up or make me feel guilty for posting a contest out of the blue? 10pm isn't late, and that's on the East Coast.
[0:12] Jakkal Dingo: I'm sorry if you missed the opportunity to get it, but that's just how it works sometimes. There will be other chances.

I got curious, and she's a cat.

[0:13] KatImmaKittyKat: I just got the e-mail. I am in Colorado and it's after 1 here. I just thought you were from elsewhere. BUT I'll bet the person who won is from another country.
[0:14] KatImmaKittyKat: and that's not a problem. I am a cat, not a wolf. And call me a hypocritical person or whatever you wish. Been called a lot worse by a lot better :-)

I think the people that identify with cat reading this will be rather unamused by your stereotyping of them. Incidentally, that's why I stereotyped here in this post. I have nothing against cats. I do have things against people who exploit cat stereotypes to be a dickhead.

[0:14] Jakkal Dingo: Well, they're from canada. So I can't say they had a head's up over anyone else.

So I checked the IP cuz now I'm curious. I can't say for sure they're in canada, but whatever. It's a North American IP. Really, who goes to bed by 10pm in the US?

[0:14] KatImmaKittyKat: ANYWAY
[0:14] KatImmaKittyKat: sorry to have offended.

You're a stereotypical cat, hee-yuck, so you'll excuse me if I question your sincerity!

[0:14] Jakkal Dingo: Whatever floats your boat.
[0:16] KatImmaKittyKat: Still you were so quick to post a notice I'll bet i'm not the only one who wrote you. I just wonder why my little comment was so important that you took time to answer. I truly wish you all the success and hope you'll continue to make these wonderful AVs
[0:18] Jakkal Dingo: Oh yeah, you're not the only one. As that tends to happen when you try to do something nice. Many people that didn't win it bitch. So yours was the catalyst that made me finally send the notice out to everyone that I'm aware that I'm an evil and unfair person. You can pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you're the master of the second world if you'd like.

When in doubt, appeal to the ego in a scathingly sarcastic manner.

[0:19] KatImmaKittyKat: Naw, mistress actually. You are NOT evil and I never implied you were. Your work is wonderful and that's no lie. And as I said I never meant to offend.

You... never meant to offend, yet: [0:09] KatImmaKittyKat: Or perhaps how thin skinned you are? :-)

I suppose the :-) is a get-out-of-offensive-statement-consequences-free-card.

[0:20] KatImmaKittyKat: but, whatever floats YOUR boat, dear.

A wonderfully executed comeback, if you're 6 years old.

[0:21] KatImmaKittyKat: I am a satisfied customer... but I just wonder what kind of service I'll get on upgrades and such from now on? LOL

I'm not really taking this to heart, mostly because I knew it would end up LJ fodder (That's honestly the only reason I replied.) So why would I hold it against them on a businesslike basis? Now if they try to fuck with the business, it's off.

[0:23] Jakkal Dingo: Oh you'll get your updates always!
[0:23] KatImmaKittyKa: and I'll continue to buy, ALWAYS :-)

It's times like these that I get the Village People song "Macho Man" stuck in my head. Only the lyrics go: o/` Psycho... psycho path... I want to be a psy-cho-path! o/` That first started happening from my meeting with WVZ many years ago. It's stuck ever since. (He was the first psychopath the song applied to, ya see)

Okay, but it doesn't end here! Yet another unsatisfied customer!

"Unsatisfied Customer: Have always enjoyed my Werehouse purchases. Quality AVs, great customer support. I have no reason to doubt the Dire Wolf AV is every bit as good as previous efforts. Having said that, however...... $L3000? I like it, but not at about twice what it's worth. I'll wait a couple of months and ask both of the people who bought it if they think it was worth the inflated price."

I think they're comparing it to the Critter Wolf, which is only $1500L and rightly so as we felt that was a fair price for /that/ avatar. But the Dire is much more than the Critter, and not just size alone. I know Kayla worked her ass off to script this thing, and it's our currently most feature intensive avatar to date. Is it worth $3000L? Well we had a record number of sales for this single avatar in a 24hr span. Yes, we'd say, it's worth it, and so would all the people that bought it.

But anyway, oops, the forum permissions were accidentally set to moderate posts. I didn't know this cuz as the forum admin, I see all the posts anyway. So how did I find out his post was waiting for moderation? I got this message in my profile:

"Hello. I came aboard yesterday and tried to leave a reply about the dire wolf. I thought my post was inoffensive, however I did make some remarks on what I feel to be a rather ambitious price on that avatar.

You set your own prices, of course. And you charge what you feel is a fair price for your efforts, and that's beyond dispute. But we don't have to like the price and that's a stone fact as well. And we have the right to comment honestly too..... but obviously not on this board. I am assuming you are the high moderator and chief member of this site.

I see my post has been deleted and not allowed here. I am sorry. I mistakenly thought you wanted HONEST observations about your products. Had I known all you want is a fan club, I'd not have bothered joining.

I won't be back. You may delete me from this board. But I STILL say $L3000 linden is about twice what the Dire Wolf is worth and $L1500 is still stretching it a bit."

First of all, yes, you have the right to bitch about the price all you want. Do you have that right to bitch about it on my forums? No. But I didn't actively /silence/ you. And if you bothered to ask "What happened to my post" you would have known this. No you immediately threw yourself to the sword and complained about how we're overlording assholes that silenced your voice. If you had actually /paid attention/ to when you posted, the forums actually DO tell you "Thank you for posting. This forum requires approval by an administrator for posting. Your post will not show up until it is approved." Did you ask? No. Did you politely let us know it was set up that way? No. Was it our fault? Yes, we had the permissions set wrong. Did we silence you? No, infact, I posted it for everyone to see! Even here in my LJ! All these posts are public, mind you. You can see these if you go to our forums and then look at my profile.

But seriously, why does everyone immediately take the offended victim stance? Why would you assume we're being malicious and evil when it was a missed setting in the forums?

And honest observations? I doubt he's even see it yet. Which is amazing considering the flood of people that was in the store buying them up. I tell you what, months down the road, he's not going to have a problem finding "two people" to talk to about the avatar. There's plenty more than just that!

And that's all for this edition.
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