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Don't Do This: Obsession...

So a friend of mine tossed me some log snippets he got from some furry irc channel. I have no idea what it is, or who this guy is, even, but he seems to be Obsessed with me.

The first log, I ignored, cuz it's a waste of time really. So furries don't like me. The world still rotates!

But for your amusement, I will post it! Names of innocent nondouchebags have been edited out.

[16:25] GT> You get your panties in a bunch about being called a furry
[16:25] PD> Yeah I do.
[16:26] <@Ceralor> Please don't be so anal about being what you are :P

Read: Unless you call yourself notta-furry. Then we can be as anal as we'd like.

[16:26] * PD shrugs.
[16:26] <@Ceralor> Jakkal already fulfills the drama quota for that category.
[16:26] <@Ceralor> Above and beyond, actually.
[10:29:09 PM] PD says: [16:28] +D> "Furry" is just a word... but the thing is that people completely outside of the furry community just couldn't understand. :|

Now, in defense of the furries, you probably shouldn't go on a Furry IRC server/channel and start making demands like that. First of all, they don't care or give a damn about what you say. Secondly, you're just starting a fire in their house and most people wouldn't appreciate that.

However, dude seems to take some serious offense to what I call myself. You sir, need to get the fuck over it.

But then I get tossed this, which was supposedly just "out of the blue," and the hypocrisy is laughable. So I'm posting it here.

[16:10] <@Ceralor> For those who don't know: Jakkal is a random artist who only draws anthro/furry-type things, but they "ARENT NEVER FURRY NO NEVER EVER I:LL KILL YOU IF YOU ASSOCIATE IT AS FURRY ZOMG BUTTHURT"

[16:12] <@Ceralor> She's an exceptionally-good artist

Read: Please don't hurt me because my poor widdle furry feewings will be hurted bad (Unless you want to butthurt me, then I invite it).

[16:13] <@Ceralor> But the sheer butthurt she shows when associated with furry is rediculous and epic all at once.

You sir, are part of the problem! My initial reaction to this is "His inability to get over my association (or lack thereof) with the furry community is ridiculous and epic all at once."

I believe we call this an epic fail.

Also considering I've never heard of this fellow before, he gets a cowardly award. Wear it with pride, sunshine. You can put it somewhere near your "My butt hurts because I'm a proud furry" button.

And back to the topic at hand of what fandoms I'm part of: It's NONE of YOUR business. PERIOD. I draw the stuff you wank over. That doesn't make me part of your fucked up fantasyland. I've got my own fantasyland. It doesn't include you. Get over it.
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