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Olbermann has turned viral.

That's awesome cuz I think Olbermann rocks anyway. But now like, I've seen his video several dozen times on my F-list. I'm not going to post it cuz I'm sure everyone reading this probably has a friend that has posted it (If not, just look at my friends list and you'll see it eventually).

I decided when I first started listening to Olbermann that Endymion has his voice. It just seems natural. Sometimes he's really harsh and bitchy and other times it sounds like he's just about to break down. That's my Endy!

That being said, I hope Prop 8 (And similiar measures in other states) gets overturned, cuz that's really flying into the face of common sense right there. Keep fighting folks, you'll make it eventually!

Speaking of my F-list, I haven't checked it in a while. Oops. Sorry for you guys that added me. I still haven't gone through your journals yet. To be honest, I'll pretty much friend anyone thta friends me cuz I'm nosey. But if I don't see anything on your journal, or nothing but memes and tests and stuff, I don't want that flooding my F-list. So it's nothing personal. Just that if I don't know who you are (And I don't know a good 75% of my F-list), I don't really care about what tests you've taken or just random gibberish that only people in the in-crowd would understand.

So it was time to clean that up anyway.
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