Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Virus annoyances

Our laptop has picked up a virus from somewhere (A drive by download I think). Bow's the only one that really uses it, so all this info is second hand. He might have to describe it further.

The virus scanner that we had on it detected the virus but apparently couldn't stop it. It might have partially stopped it, we're not sure.

A popup comes up every now and then that mimics the Windows Firewall blocking warning thing. All it does is send you to a website that wants you to pay for the anti-virus software to get rid of it. Yeah it's one of those schemes. The program it wants you to get is called 'Perfect Defender 2009'. If you google that you get a bunch of sites that tell you how you can remove it and stuff, but these are sites I don't really trust.

So if anyone could give me some help on how to get rid of this thing, I would really appreciate it.

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