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Merry Xmas (Or whatever) and Don't Do This!

First of all, I hope everyone has had a Happy Whatever-You-Celebrate.

Every year, my store in SL gives away a gift card to the people in the group for the store notices. It's our way of saying thanks to the people that put up with us through the bad times (like broken avs) and buy stuff from us when we're good. In essence, if you stick with the group through all the spam it brings, you get a gift. This means that open enrollment is turned off. No one can join the group without an invite.

So what does this mean to everyone else? If you're not in the group, you don't get the free gift. Suddenly, people want in the group (go figure). Every year I get very few "Thank You" PMs. But I get plenty of people that either complain they can't get the gift, or try to find sneaky ways to get in the group.

I will be posting them here as I get them:

We're less than an hour into it before we get this sneaky bit of LJ fodder:

[16:14] GroupHopper: Hello sorry to both you I think I joined the wrong group for Av updates I hear there is a v3 for critters? Is the group Im looking for called Realmscapes? Oh and Merry Christmas^^

Very sneaky, that. S/he was in the store with other people that got the gift (Infact s/he teleported into the store directly, which means a friend gave them a teleport offer). In other words, s/he found out about the free gift and the requirements from a friend, and then wanted the gift too.

[16:15] Jakkal Dingo: You don't need to be in the group for updates, that's just for notices. Just follow the instructions on the note and the avatars will be sent to you :)

Unfortunately for them, you don't need to be in the group to get updates.

[16:18] GroupHopper: Oh I would like to get notices as well it would be nice to know what is happing :3 I like my avs x3

You should have given up from the start. This just makes it obvious you're gold digging.

[16:19] Jakkal Dingo: You'll be able to join it in a day or so, just check back in a couple of days.
[16:20] GroupHopper: Oh alrighty thank you^^ Have a great day :3
[16:21] Jakkal Dingo: you too and merry xmas

At least s/he was nice about it.
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