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Long time no post!

I've been really busy lately. Go fig. I haven't watched TV in /years/ but I've recently been introduced to two shows that I love -> Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. I don't normally like reality shows, but there's just something about these two that I love (Especially Kitchen Nightmares). Ramsay's style of yelling at people is like my own :P It seems personal but he's trying to make you better for it.

Also I've been playing Vanguard again. I finally got my Blacksmith to level 50 (The highest level in the game currently). Crafting is interactive, it's not mindless button clicking. And it takes about 3 days of casual grinding to go up a level. So that was pretty ... uhm... well most people find it boring. But I kind of like it. It's like a minigame almost. They've also added fishing which is also a minigame. They remind me of some of the minigames in the Zelda series. So it's fun.

Lately I've... actually be musing trying to make my own MMO. I have no idea where I'd start, though I've found some online companies that let you make your own MMO, they host it and handle the subscription fees, I think. We have some pretty cool ideas of how to handle classes, training, and spheres.

Anyway, that is all.
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