Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Don't Do This: Spring Break Edition!

It's like they all come out of the woodworks at once! Some gems from last week on SL:



[16:36] Lookitafreeloader: Hey, i wanted to buy one of your Avatars (the CrittersV3Huskygray) but i came short by 1500$L, so im wondering if you'll be kind enough to just give me this one, maybe, please?

Note the avatars cost $1500L. He's short the whole amount. That's about $4USD by the way. I decided to let my employees handle this one, and Burtan did a good job of it! Here's what he did:

To Lookitafreeloader:
Burtan: Hello 'Freeloader', thank you for your interest in the Werehouse Avatars. Because you are so close to the total you need for the avatar we have decided to make up the difference and deliver the avatar. Enjoy!
Lookitafreeloader: yay thank you, all my friends said i was nuts to ask
Burtan: I sent him a replica of the box with a notecard inside pointing to a freebie shop xP
[7:53] Lookitafreeloader: Very funny joke -.-, you sent me an empty box

Burtan: It was not empty, it had a notecard inside that had a landmark linked ^_^ Joke's on him anyway for being a smart ass lol

Nice job! I love the way he has the nerve to complain about it. Next time have the notecard say "You get what you pay for."

[17:54] Sex Ed: hello, i have a question , i bought the direwolf avi to please my Miss and now i have a problem. i cant have sex with this avi, can you help me out with that maybe? suggestions or so? i would hate to leave this avi

Look we just build avatars. What people do with them... that's their business. I don't want to know.

[10:17] Horse Nut: Hello Jakkal, I'm looking for a quadruped horse avatar. It should look realistic like a big stallion, and it should be able to wear a penis. Do you sell something like that or do you perhaps know where to get one? Thanks for your answer.

...I feel bad for Hoof It avatars, you know he's going to attack them next.

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