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Don't do this: Assume. Ass U Me.

I find the following to be one of THE most OBNOXIOUS things someone can do to a vendor on SL. This is born of pure ignorance, and hostility is the result. If these people would take the time to ask, be nice, be honest, or be reasonable, their issues can be solved without problems.

Unfortunately I tend to attract problems. That's why this post has made the Don't Do This list.

Started out with this email:

"Not sure how it works (only my 3rd day in SL).
Bought & paid for Avatar, how do I get it?"

Yes, that is literally all the information I got. But he posted it early in the day, and by the time I got to it, I realized he IMed me in SL already with:

*ImpatientNewb* has offered to become your friend in Second Life.

Contact me, I have problems buying your avatar

Log in to accept or decline the offer.

First let me point out one thing. If you really want to piss me off, friend me to see when I come online. That makes me want to ignore you and your problems. Why does this piss me off? First, it's a violation of my privacy. Yeah, here's people 'lol' about 'privacy on SL'. Then try the second reason: As soon as people find out you're online, they start flooding the shit out of you with all kinds of verbal diarrheia, forcing you to ignore all your patient and kind customers to deal with a hosebeast. So, I just let that little dropdown sit there until I'm done with other PMs or I log out.

So moving on, he actually sends me a real PM too:

[12:38] *ImpatientNewb*: I bought (& paid(Paypal)) a Snow Leopard Avaatar and I did not get it

Okay there's a key word here that's triggering my alarms. PAYPAL. We don't take paypal for our avatars. The only way he could have used paypal for our avs is through XStreetSL (Formerly the Slexchange.) So I check my XStreet records, nope, nothing. So I reply with the following:

I can't find any records of you buying the avatar. Since you paid in Paypal, I can only assume you tried to buy it on XStreetSL (As that's the only place we sell avatars that uses Paypal). I'd suggest checking your balance with them or contacting their support staff.

[7:32] *ImpatientNewb*: Paypal debited me & my bank account too. I will not contact Paypal as they did their jobs in taking the money from me & giving it to SL. That's what they do. You don't want to give me the product I paid for? Fine.

[7:32] *ImpatientNewb*: U there?

See this? This is the shit that really gets to me. Guy admits he's a newb. I tell him to check his stuff. He gets pissed AT ME because HE IS WRONG and there is NOTHING I CAN DO FOR HIM. I didn't ask you to check Paypal, you moron, check XStreetSL to see what it did. Check Paypal to see where your money went. Why am I telling you this?


So I replied to him:

... We don't take paypal.  I don't know how I can be more clear. It sounds like you bought Linden dollars on XStreet, but you have yet to actually purchase the avatar. Check your records on XStreetSL or SL's LIndex.  Check Paypal to see who your money actually went to.  We did /not/ take your money.

That was a couple of days ago. I haven't heard back from him since. Clearly he's decided we're evil incarnate because we can't fix idiocy.

Look we know SL is sometimes frustrating and hard to figure out. We try to help people when these situations come up. But if you want us to help you, don't accuse us of shit we didn't do. Don't be a fucking moron and give us your attitude. We don't take Attitude for payment, sorry.
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