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BT Machine on its last legs I think.

Bow built the machine for me in 2003. So 6 years, that's a pretty good run for a machine I'd say (Original equipment and all). It's even got a HDD in it from 2000. But anyway, it's been BSODing a lot lately. When it shuts down, it always thinks it's a 1250Mhz instead of the 2.0Ghz it should be, until I restart it, then it's fine. (I've been told this is possibly a fault with the Bios, but I have no clue.)

Anyway, tonight a window popped up and said it was a message from the NT Authority\system and it would shut down in 60seconds after some error occured. Naturally my first thought is: Virus. But I have Spybot, Teatimer, AVG and even No-Script running on the browser. Granted, I know nothing is fool proof, but still. I'd think it would have warned me at least. So the machine shut itself down and now I'm in the process of scanning it.

But really, it comes down to this. I've been thinking about gutting this machine and replacing the parts for at least a year now. This was kinda the last straw.

So naturally, my loyal legion of nerds, I need your timely, and helpful advice on what parts to get for my machine. I already have a brand new HDD for it. I'm not sure what the stats are on it, but if needed, I can provide them (I know it's a fairly recent WD 500gig drive.) I want to get a new processor (AMD only), Mobo, RAM, and I'll probably need a new power supply and video card. I'll also need whatever fans for the processor that are necessary.

Here's what the machine is used for: Email, Browsing the web, and IRC. I'd like to use it as my general office machine, so I want to put MS Office 2003 on it, and run excel at least. I would also like to run SL on it. It will not be used for gaming or anything fancy. So a low-end, cost effective machine is just fine with me (as long as it all works okay).

Of course, I say all this and find this on Newegg: AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz

Cheaper than the dual core I have in my work machine. Anyway, let's say I were to get this processor (Assuming you guys think it's a good deal), what would I need for the other stuff?
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