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Don't Do This: Pretending to be Intelligent.

So I got this IM earlier tonight:

[23:46] The_Swindler: (Saved Wed Apr 29 17:53:14 2009) Hi I bought the The WereHouse Dire Wolf V1 awhile back and i got on my sl account and my inventory was wiped out and i was wondering would it be possiable to get another copy i understand though if i have to buy it agian but there is no harm in asking well i hope to hear from you soon

Usually this isn't a problem. Well, it is a problem, when you lose the stuff you bought. But our stuff is copiable, and so we give out copies to people who lose them. However, they are actually required to /buy the avatar first/.

Jakkal Dingo: I'm afraid I can't find a record of the purchase. When did you buy it, or perhaps was it on a different account?

[0:04] The_Swindler: I think it was back in dec. if i remember right

I wonder if he was thinking about buying it? But then I got to talking to WolfShaman about it...

[0:03] Jakkal Dingo: I had a guy that tried to weasel a free dire wolf from me today
[0:03] Jakkal Dingo: his account 'got wiped', and he wanted another copy. Lo and behold, no record
[0:03] WolfShaman Warrior: surprised people dont think that some people keep track of who what when where and how much.
[0:04] Jakkal Dingo: no kidding
[0:04] Jakkal Dingo: I've had some people think I don't check them cuz I give them the update cards almost immediately
[0:04] Jakkal Dingo: but it doesn't take but two seconds to check
[0:04] Jakkal Dingo: oh now he's telling me it was back in december
[0:05] WolfShaman Warrior: heh, ask him if his Library folder is still there.
[0:07] Jakkal Dingo: eh?
[0:08] WolfShaman Warrior: The Library folder that is basically a Read only folder that's always there no matter what. Cant add/del things from it.
[0:08] WolfShaman Warrior: the SL noob kit

[0:10] Jakkal Dingo: My staff is asking if you still have the Library folder intact.
[0:10] The_Swindler: no everything got wiped

Oh REALLY? I checked for myself on various sites, including SL's info site and it's true. The Library folder or it's contents can't be deleted. Someone is not being truthful! At least he's polite about it.

[0:12] WolfShaman Warrior: And that's the proof to the bullshit. Because even when I have the bug where most of my inventory dissapears, the Library folder is always there and always has all the stuff in it.
[0:12] WolfShaman Warrior: Well, Additional proof anyways lol

[0:15] Jakkal Dingo: I'm afraid without a record of the sale, we can't give you the avatar.
[0:16] The_Swindler: its ok i understand sucks but i understand thanks for trying to help though
[0:16] The_Swindler: and i guess when i get the L$ for it ill see you again
[0:16] The_Swindler: :)

So I told WS: [0:17] Jakkal Dingo: I'm tempted towrite, "I look forward to your purchase of an avatar for the first time"

And then WS gave me this chat log of someone he had to deal with earlier:

[2009/04/27 19:08] Sophomoric Customer: (Saved Mon Apr 27 09:06:44 2009) i bought a Dire Wolf yesterday...didn't catch it is so BIG...unusable to me...any way I can exchange it for a regular sized dog?....I love the avatars but need a smaller one
[2009/04/27 19:12] WolfShaman Warrior: Greetings from the WereHouse Helpdesk. Sorry, but due to the nature of the permitions set for the avatar (Copy/no Transfer) we are unable to offer Refunds or exchanges.

There's a bunch of warning signs in the shop telling people to make sure the av they're buying is what they want.

[5:17] Sophomoric Customer: I went ahead and bought the German Shepard anyway - you need to make the size of Dire Wolf more obvious...I like your avatars but I lost 3000L on an unuseable avatar to me and i have a bad taste in my mouth about your business
[5:18] Sophomoric Customer: you could look at sales records to see my purchases
[5:22] WolfShaman Warrior: If you look at the Vendor, and the image displayed there. We have a Dire wolf standing next to a regular wolf for a size comparison. It also states in the description: "Stands 1.5m at the shoulder! On all fours, as tall as most bipedal avatars!"
[5:24] Sophomoric Customer: i saw all that but it didn't register...either with me or my GF...and we have both been on SL a long time...and are intelligent and well educated

You just choose not to be?

[5:24] Sophomoric Customer: you shoul dhave a headlines saying "LARGE AS A HORSE"

For customers DUMB AS BRICK

[5:25] Sophomoric Customer: but never mind....i'll just remember this transaction
[5:29] WolfShaman Warrior: Enjoy your Avatars.

It's like I have to make a sign that says: WARNING: READ THE SIGNS. Obviously, it wouldn't be read. Why are we responsible for people that don't read our info?
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