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... Don't do this! Really. DON'T DO /THIS/.

I Just got on SL and I got this PM .. "Werehouse Avatars Event Proposal."


And I was like, "okay, maybe someone wants to use the avatars for a fashion show or whatever. Whatever, I figured I'd just see what it's about.

... Jesus fucking christ, why do people send me this stuff?

Greetings Jakkal :)

I work for *********r. We are currently doubling the size of our club and hosting a weekend long grand re-opening party with dozens of sponsored events starting on the evening of the 26th.
***** is herself, a veteran german RL sex industry worker in film, print, and live performances and has created a diverse and relatively hard-core sex club in SL focusing on her personal favorite genres: Gangbangs, Bukkake, Beastiality, and BDSM.

One of our new areas is a Beast Yard and I contacting you about not only sponsoring some of our events with free gifts for prizes, but also about some other more unique activities during our event.

If you have any new products coming soon, this would be a teriffic opportunity for a release party. I also think a sort of 'Active Fashion Show' with your unique avatars engaging in activities, possibly going through sexual activities as that is the focus of our club, and mingling with the crowd would not only be a fun way for the crowd to view your product, but would be an opportunity to demonstrate some of the fucntion details of your creations.

Of course, it's your product, I am just brainstorming some ideas, we are happy to work with whatever vision you have for displaying your work.

We are also very interested in hosting future events, if the timing of our upcoming event doesn't work, but you would still like to work with us.

We are NOT asking for any funds, and we never will.

We give you, for FREE, before, during, and after the event:

* a venue that is actually an environment in which your products would be enjoyed by guests.
* up to 2 hours of show time during our weekend expansion party
* the option of sponsoring other events
* multiple vendor spaces
* space for your signage on walls and carpets in related areas and landing spots
* exposure onsite, onstage, dj shout outs, chat announcements, etc..,
* space for distributing your freebies, info, LM givers
* space for your group joiners
* plenty of mention in the invitations and IMs to almost 6,000 members through our new and growing network of SL partner groups, clubs, and vendors.

We are even getting a bit of ink in FORCED Magazine for a fashion show we are already doing during that weekend in our Forced Town area. We hope to carry that momentum throughout the event.

If you would like to partner with us for this event and/or others on an on-going basis with any of the following:

* holding a show at one of our venues during this expansion event
* sponsorship of event(s) with contest prizes
* notices to your group(s) for related parties and events we hold
* periodic shows of new releases or just for general exposure

We are making long-term vendor and signage space available within the club free for our participating partner vendors.

Belle and I would be happy to give tours of the venue and outline the details of our marketing for the event through our partner group, club, and vendor network.

Thank you for your time (I know this was lengthy...:), hope to hear from you soon. : )


There are no words.
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