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Don't Do This: The Most Wonderful Time For Scams

In the standard tradition of keeping scammer names public, I bring to you our latest scammer. That's right! Someone tried to scam us, on the internets, SHOCK AND AWE.

Unfortunately I wasn't on SL at the time this happened, Bow was working on my new machine for me. But Wolfshaman was there to take care of it for me!

So let's begin!

[1:19:06] Miguel Moonwall: Hey man
[1:19:13] WolfShaman Warrior: what's up?
[1:19:19] Miguel Moonwall: Says in the werehouse you can help with problems?
[1:19:37] WolfShaman Warrior: yeah, whatcha need help with?
[1:19:40] Miguel Moonwall: I just payed for a dire wolf avatar, and the damn sign crashed my system

A sign crashed his system? ... A sign?? Was it a sign from the heavens? Perhaps, did that sign say "Don't Do This?"

[1:19:46] Miguel Moonwall: I lost my money, but didnt get the avatar
[1:20:05] Miguel Moonwall: My friends said youd have a record of the transaction?
[1:20:28] WolfShaman Warrior: gimme a sec to see if our system caught it.
[1:20:32] Miguel Moonwall: alright
[1:20:38] Miguel Moonwall: thanks
[1:21:07] Miguel Moonwall: Oh, I have a record from my account
[1:21:13] Miguel Moonwall: in a notecard, Ill send you that too

Ah, always nice to have customers that are on the ball and have the transaction information ready. That's very helpful. We can easily look that up on SL's page to find the problems. Bravo friend!*

*I realize this sounds sarcastic, but it's the truth. If more customers with problems did this, it would be at lot easier to fix the problem.

Here's the notecard he sent:

11/30/2009 00:54:33 dc5d565d Destination: Jakkal Dingo
Object Sale
Region: Therianation
Description: Dire Wolf Avatar
L$3000 L$66

Dear Scammer. When you want to scam the WereHouse, next time be sure when editing your fabricated file to CHANGE THE DATE YOU RETARD. Perhaps it was the SUDDEN TIME TRAVEL you experienced that CRASHED YOUR SYSTEM. Clearly you should get your flux capacitor looked into.

Anyway, I looked it up, and guess what!? NO RECORD OF SALE. This was even so blatantly obvious to WolfShaman that he too spotted it right on.

[1:28:01] Miguel Moonwall: I dont mean to be impatient, but is everything alright?

Read: Crap, they're on to me. Wait no, he's probably not that smart. Read: What the hell is taking so long, my scam is FLAWLESS™. Where's my fucking avatar, bitch?

[1:31:16] WolfShaman Warrior: yeah, finnishing up with another customer. got a couple IMs that hit at the same time
[1:32:29] Miguel Moonwall: Sorry

You sure are.

[1:34:11] WolfShaman Warrior: Is this an Xstreet transaction?
[1:34:25] Miguel Moonwall: No, from the store
[1:34:33] Miguel Moonwall: Im standing in front of the vendor thing

Me am push button get no av av.

[1:39:19] Miguel Moonwall: like your av btw
[1:39:44] WolfShaman Warrior: thx. Just digging info
[1:39:55] Miguel Moonwall: np, just want to get this sorted out


[1:45:16] WolfShaman Warrior: was it this vendor here w/ the dire on it?
[1:45:23] Miguel Moonwall: yep
[1:45:54] WolfShaman Warrior: happened about an hour ago?
[1:46:06] Miguel Moonwall: or so I suppose
[1:46:07] WolfShaman Warrior: 54:33
[1:46:24] WolfShaman Warrior: err 00:54:33

Read: Why for do you waste time reading the details? Yeah, whatever. FLAWLESS™ BITCH.

1:46:34] Miguel Moonwall: yeah, that sounds about right
[1:46:57] WolfShaman Warrior: Got nothing on our books.
[1:47:09] Miguel Moonwall: so what does that mean?

Read: Lolwut, my flawless plan didn't work on you? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Play it off...

1:47:20] WolfShaman Warrior: the sale never took place.
[1:47:37] WolfShaman Warrior: both via our vendor logs, and from the SL Linden transaction history
[1:47:53] Miguel Moonwall: what do you mean, I showed you the log from my account?
[1:48:03] WolfShaman Warrior: It's fabricated
[1:48:09] Miguel Moonwall: wow
[1:48:17] Miguel Moonwall: are you kidding me?

Are you kidding us? We're all kidding each other. This is one big joke right? RIGHT!

[1:48:55] Miguel Moonwall: this is ridiculous
[1:49:19] WolfShaman Warrior: Todays date is 12/06/2009
[1:49:20] Miguel Moonwall: so now im out 3000L for nothing
[1:49:44] WolfShaman Warrior: The description also does not match up.
[1:50:29] WolfShaman Warrior: the description never says the actual avatar bought on the SL transaction info

Flawless™, meet Busted™. I love how he flips out. He's out $3000L. He should take it out with the company he spent the $3000L on. It sure wasn't us!

[1:50:46] Miguel Moonwall: this is absolutely ridicuolus
[1:51:07] Miguel Moonwall: if you guys are so hard up for cash, why not try something else other than looking for any excuse to not refund some money
[1:51:09] Miguel Moonwall: or help someone out

We do refund money for failed avatar transfers. Unfortunately for you, sir, you have to actually, you know, BUY AN AVATAR.

[1:51:29] WolfShaman Warrior: I'm going by the evidence that is here
[1:51:44] Miguel Moonwall: Well I guess I cant be too upset with you, youre just doing your job
[1:51:54] Miguel Moonwall: Welp, thanks for the help man

Love the classic 360. "Welp, I got busted, I'm going to play it off all nonchalant and continue to insist I did nothing wrong... yup." Flawless™.

[1:54:26] WolfShaman Warrior: I've checked our records. Both through SL's Transaction history, as well as with our vendors transaction history (both in world logs and e-mail logs), it shows no evidence of the transaction taking place. -- The log that you provided me in the notecard contains information that does not match up with what all the other sales transaction reports that i've received over the years as evidence of failed delivery of an item. Those in the past have matched up via the Transaction ID number as well as the information provided in the description fields.
[1:55:13] Miguel Moonwall: Well if you said theres no transaction log of it taking place, then the code I provided from my account wouldnt match up anyway
[1:55:24] Miguel Moonwall: Man this sucks so hard
[1:55:29] WolfShaman Warrior: it should not exist

It's funny how people who are caught doing this have too much pride to say, go the hell away. Just play it off and leave. Nope. He's got to KEEP GOING. Which is great for us, we get to read it and giggle like middleschoolers.

[1:55:38] Miguel Moonwall: Thats strange then
[1:55:49] Miguel Moonwall: Well, what would you suggest I do next, if you were in my shoes?

Stop lying?

[1:56:46] WolfShaman Warrior: I dont think that there really is anything that can be done
[1:57:02] Miguel Moonwall: Man thats like fifteen bucks I just lost
[1:57:28] Miguel Moonwall: Alright man, thanks for the help

You should spend that money a little more wisely. You know. Actually spend it.

[1:58:20] WolfShaman Warrior: No problem. Like I said, nothing is matching up, there's nothing I can do.
[1:58:35] Miguel Moonwall: I understand, but I appreciate you looking into it
[1:58:42] Miguel Moonwall: Guess Ill just have to eat the loss

He's not refering to money, he's refering to his pride.

1:59:38] Miguel Moonwall: I know this sounds silly, but I would have for all of this to have been for nothing, is there isnt like an older version of this avatar you guys can give me, is there?

Dude, have you no shame at all?

[2:00:21] WolfShaman Warrior: This is the first version of the Dires.
[2:00:38] WolfShaman Warrior: just released them not that long ago.
[2:00:47] Miguel Moonwall: aaah, okay I see
[2:01:04] Miguel Moonwall: I was just wondering, I did just lose 3000 dollars trying to make a purchase with you guys

And that is why your name gets posted here.

[2:01:31] Miguel Moonwall: Well alright, I guess thats that then
[2:01:38] Miguel Moonwall: Thanks again for the help
[2:01:51] WolfShaman Warrior: take it easy.

Go forth and scam others!

And also, I'd like to point this out since I KNOW HE'S READING THIS. The Honorable mention of the night:

[16:47] TaileS Uram: This IM is stupid. -- B-Wolf updated his wolf av, and OMG OMG OMGZOMG FFFFFFFFOAM YES THE EAR SCRIPT YOU CLICK THE EAR AND IT FLICKS SO MUCH LOVE AAAA FFFFFFJAKGHFKJDBNLNGTHBGLNGH :awesomeface: Have a nice day.
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