Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

This fellow is a Grade A Douchbag.

I saw this post on a friend's journal.

You know, if you don't like dA, don't dis the artists.  You being a writer, yourself, should understand this.  You can complain that the majority of art on DA is amateurish. Because most of the people on the site Are. Not. Professionals. They never once claimed to be. And if you look at their registration information, they don't require a portfolio OR references. It's an amateurish site to show off people's work in the SAME MANNER that YOUTUBE AND FLICKR, two sites YOU quoted, allow people to show off their 'amateurish' videos and photos.

If you want to see good, higly acclaimed art, you go to a famous art museum like the Musée du Louvre.  Kinda like if I wanted to see good, decently technical information, I would not read 'techcrunch' who's writers seem to think it's okay to belittle artists, and also thinks Youtube is full of "compelling" content.  (Could you have possibly picked a worse site to use as an example of compelling?)

Complaining about the damn site is one thing, but picking certain pics and artists is really going too far sir. Seriously, does TechCrunch actually pay you for your mediocre opinions? Then he posts his update, obviously incapable of taking the same damn criticism he gives, with even more vitriol. You, sir, are worse than the people you are belittling. At least those people are bringing something beautiful in the world. All you're giving us is the same old, same old internet prickishness that we're all sick and tired of.
Tags: don't do this

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