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Say what you mean. Don't do this!

So I got a typical PM the other day, that went to the tune of: [22:18] Needy User: i need an update on my direwolf

Okay, so I just told my staff to let him know that: #1. His avatar is up to date. And #2. If he ever wants to check and see if an update is available, he can use the update card that came with it.

So Tygerwolfe told him so. His reply? Not a 'thank you!' or anything. Nope:

[16:03]Needy User: up to date as not in my inventory
[16:04] Needy User: i hate dealing with stupid people

Funny. I feel the /exact same way/. And that's why you're featured here, now.

[21:40] Tyger Skytower: That makes two of us. Your initial issue stated exactly: "I need an update on my direwolf". Not that you did not have it in your inventory. Is the issue that you never received the avatar when you paid for it?

And he buys it in January and doesn't bother to say anything til now? And who asks for an update when they didn't get the avatar? Either way, if someone loses one of our avs, we'll give them a copy. Why does he have to be an asshole about it? So he made a mistake phrasing it. Whatever. No one cares until you turn into a major prick

[00:40] Needy User: (Saved Wed Mar 17 20:44:39 2010) right

So next time we highly suggest you just SAY THAT TO BEGIN WITH.
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