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My monthly Update. And Turtles!

First, Vanguard: We killed Kotasoth! Yay! I know no one else will care.

Secondly, we had a nasty rain storm today, the front yard was flooded pretty bad. But worse, a poor turtle nearly got ran over in the driveway. Being the good citizen that I am, I went out to move it.

Oh hai, it's a snapping turtle! I found one of these, very tiny, about a year or two ago. It was about the size of a 50 cent piece. Then today, this one. I wonder if it was the same one? This one was about the size of a small saucer. The shell was about 4" from the front to the rear.

I know these pics are big, I haven't had time to edit them yet:

The only decent shot -> http://www.jakkal.com/Photos/P1010003.JPG

Looks like he found himself a buffet o'worms. Yum.

So I moved him in the yard since he was trapped between the railroad ties. Also, flooded yard: http://www.jakkal.com/Photos/P1010017.JPG

Edit: I found the pics of that baby turtle! The pics I took were taken on July 31, 2009. So pretty close to a year ago! Here's those pics:


I had to move him too since he was also in the driveway.
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