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Boy, haven't had one of these in ages...

Actually I had one last night, but I didn't feel like posting it. Some idiot PMed me and wanted to buy an avatar as a statue. Folks, you can't use avatars as statues, not if they use part of the human avatar as part of the shape. Anyway, they "Couldn't find anything" and asked me to look it up for them "Because they're French'." Yep, that's what they said. They can't look up "Wolf Statue" on Xstreet, the site they said they were already using, and the search terms they already told me they are looking for, cannot be used because they're French.

I think the French people reading this might be insulted.

Anyway! I got this gem today and well, I just felt like fucking with him. Leaving his name in cuz damn. Really hate these guys that ask for money and free shit.

[18:06] kevinaj Novo: helle i wanna get dire wolf
[18:07] kevinaj Novo: av
[18:07] kevinaj Novo: it cool
[18:07] kevinaj Novo: can i have one
[18:07] Jakkal Dingo: Sure you can. They're available in our stores. Our main store is in Therianation.
[18:08] kevinaj Novo: well i not have money
[18:08] kevinaj Novo: what money for av?
[18:09] Jakkal Dingo: $3000L
[18:09] kevinaj Novo: oh
[18:09] kevinaj Novo: can you pay me 3000l i can pay you back.
[18:10] Jakkal Dingo: Sure. I can pay you $3000L if you pay me $3000L.
[18:10] kevinaj Novo: yes
[18:10] kevinaj Novo: i ma sure pay you back
[18:11] Jakkal Dingo: No you'd have to pay me $3000L now if you want me to loan you $3000L.
[18:11] Jakkal Dingo: Then you can pay it back.
[18:11] kevinaj Novo: i know
[18:11] kevinaj Novo: i can buy av for pay you back
[18:12] Jakkal Dingo: Yes, if you give me $3000L, you can buy the avatar. That is how it works afterall!
[18:12] kevinaj Novo: when you pay me 3000l can you give me land for av
[18:12] kevinaj Novo: give me
[18:12] Jakkal Dingo: No you have to pay me $3000L first.
[18:13] kevinaj Novo: huh no when land av i buy you av!
[18:14] Jakkal Dingo: That's right, if you give me just $3000L, I'll loan you $3000L, then you can buy the avatar, and then pay me the $3000L back later. It's win win for both of us, see?
[18:14] kevinaj Novo: when you pay me 3000l i buy you av 3000l now i can give you 43
[18:14] kevinaj Novo: 43l
[18:15] Jakkal Dingo: Well what the hell can you buy for $43L? I'm getting the feeling that you're holding out on me here. I can't help if you don't give me the $3000L I'm supposed to give you.
[18:15] kevinaj Novo: people dont give me 3000l
[18:15] kevinaj Novo: i need it
[18:15] Jakkal Dingo: Get a job?
[18:16] kevinaj Novo: and
[18:16] Jakkal Dingo: Stop begging people for money?
[18:17] kevinaj Novo: i am try to win for 69l but i dont wing
[18:17] kevinaj Novo: win
[18:18] Jakkal Dingo: Monocle Smile.
[18:18] kevinaj Novo: k
[18:19] kevinaj Novo: can you tp me
[18:21] kevinaj Novo: can you give me land
[18:21] Jakkal Dingo: No, but I can continue mocking you.
[18:21] kevinaj Novo: k

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