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Don't Do This: Dumb Swindlers

I haven't had much traffic on SL these days, but I still occassionally get the rare gem of some asshole trying to swindle me.
So I have for you guys yet another Don't Do This.

This person did one thing in particular that really sets me off. IMs are capped to 20 or something like that when you're offline. And we just had a major update release, so I use offline IMs in my email in order to write down all the people that need the update and easily give them out when I come online.

Nope, this asshole had to cap my IMs all by him/herself.

[4:39] Magically Disingenuous: i have bought
[4:39] Magically Disingenuous: a black panther now
[4:39] Magically Disingenuous: but box is no coming
[4:40] Magically Disingenuous: can you send me my object please

I replied with: "I just checked the transaction history and it looks like you might have tried to pay the vendor while it was 'in use' to someone else. The vendor automatically refunded you the money, so no money was actually exchanged."

You know, really, how hard is it to just type, "i have bought a black panther now but box is no coming can you send me my object please." I mean, yeah, it's a grammatical train wreck. But, What the fuck is up with the Enter fetish??

It's not only distracting and hard to read, it's also obnoxious and eating up my IM count!

[9:47] Magically Disingenuous: hello
[9:47] Magically Disingenuous: no
[9:47] Magically Disingenuous: money no refunded
[9:47] Magically Disingenuous: it is no true
[9:48] Magically Disingenuous: ic an show you
[9:48] Magically Disingenuous: the transcantion
[9:48] Magically Disingenuous: actual in my sl acount
[9:48] Magically Disingenuous: i have no my money
[9:48] Magically Disingenuous: and no my panther
[9:48] Magically Disingenuous: so
[9:48] Magically Disingenuous: it is no serious
[9:48] Magically Disingenuous: by you

My reply: "Please check your transaction history and show me the transaction information. I'm showing no money was exchanged."'

It's serious, by me. Check your fucking transactions you fucking tool. There's nothing worse than an idiot, but a stubborn jackass that has to accuse first and check the facts later, you know like the entire GOP.

[9:51] Magically Disingenuous: if you dont refund me my money
[9:51] Magically Disingenuous: i will send a copy of my money transactions tolinden

Oh yeah, the game is on now.
Cuz we all fucking know what good the Lindens are. But sure, honey, go ahead, and they'll tell you same fucking thing I did. Then maybe they might say, "Stop trying to swindle vendors."

[9:52] Magically Disingenuous: i have no my money
[9:52] Magically Disingenuous: i have no my black panther
[9:52] Magically Disingenuous: i want the black panter
[9:52] Magically Disingenuous: no the money
[9:53] Magically Disingenuous: i will copy and paste
[9:53] Magically Disingenuous: my $ information for you
[9:53] Magically Disingenuous: a sec

So about 20 minutes later, she finally PMs me with her ENTIRE FUCKING TRANSACTION HISTORY for the day.

I won't bore you all with how long it took me to show her right there on her own notecard that the vendor paid her back. She "had no money" because she bought something for several thousand Linden right after she tried to buy my avatar. So all this and she neeeeeds the avatar, so I think I finally convinced her that no money was exchanged.

I had to go all the way into the shop and show her how to work thevendor. This is how bad it got: She walked right up to the vendor and said "Pay it now?" while a wolf avatar was up. I was like "NOOO! Pick the avatar you want first!"

God help me if she bought that wolf...
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