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In about an hour...

I have to drop off Trakker at the vet :( :( :( Well at least he's getting the surgery, I just hate he has to go through it. But the big dope keeps trying to /run/ on his leg, even while I'm holding the damn leash to make him stop. Oh well. At least he's not in too much pain.

As far as donation counts go, I better go prep myself to start working on a comic everyday again. Got $1100 so far and I can imagine, the way sales have been on SL the past few days, that the $1200 is goal is going to be hit.

But that's cool, cuz I started drawing out some of the plans for the first issue =]

Right now I Just feel really stressed, tired and sick :( Come to think of it, I probably got sick from the vet, all kinds of little kids in there all the time doing god knows what to the furniture and other stuff in there. Oh well, I guess I'll go in there and give it back to them.

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