Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Don't Do This: Another Lazy Scammer

You know, if you're going to try to scam me, at least put some effort into it. Name is being left in because, well, when you try to scam people you deserve the spotlight.

[12:14:08 PM] selene Galaga: (Saved Thu 03 Feb 2011 10:00 AM) i bought your The WereHouse - Anthropomorphic Black Phase Wolf Avatar (V4) 2 days ago
[12:14:08 PM] selene Galaga: (Saved Thu 03 Feb 2011 10:00 AM) and never recieved it i was wondering if you would send it too me
[01:41:58 PM] Jakkal Dingo: I can't find a record of transaction for a sale to you. Was it on another account? If you could send me the transaction ID that would help a lot!
[01:41:58 PM] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

Sometimes it's just a mistake, sometimes it happens, sometimes things fail to go through, whatever, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But then they contacted me again.

[02:04:16 PM] selene Galaga: kk
[02:07:02 PM] selene Galaga: The WereHouse - Anthropomorphic Black Phase Wolf Avatar (V4) 12665178 L$1000 1 L$1000

Raise the red flags. That's /not/ what the transaction history looks like. This is where lazy scammers get caught.

[02:07:39 PM] selene Galaga: and also just a quich my lindens says -1 how?
[02:10:03 PM] selene Galaga: hello?
[02:23:36 PM] Jakkal Dingo: Sorry, I was AFK walking my dogs. Did you buy it off the marketplace or in-world at one of our stores?

Again, giving them the benefit of the doubt, as I checked their name, I checked all the sales of that avatar, I checked the ID number. Nothing.

[02:23:47 PM] selene Galaga: in world
[02:25:00 PM] Jakkal Dingo: Can you go to your transaction history and paste to me the transaction information please?
[02:25:12 PM] selene Galaga: i did look up there

The insistence... Honestly with everything going on these days, I'm just not in the mood to deal with assholes.

[02:26:44 PM] Jakkal Dingo: Okay, you do realize that is faked, right?

[02:26:51 PM] selene Galaga: ?
[02:26:58 PM] Jakkal Dingo: What you pasted to me is fake.
[02:27:06 PM] selene Galaga: it is
[02:27:33 PM] Jakkal Dingo: Yes, that is not what the transaction history says on the site.
[02:27:45 PM] selene Galaga: its in mine

Yeah, totally not dealing with their feigning ignorance, then persistent insistence. Is that redundant? It seems to fit anyway.

[02:28:23 PM] Jakkal Dingo: You can continue to try to lie to me, or you can give me some real information so I can try to help you. If you're trying to scam me, you should probably stop here.
[02:28:34 PM] selene Galaga: k

That just made me laugh. Unfortunately it didn't stop there.

[02:29:49 PM] selene Galaga: and a question how does my lindens say -1
[02:30:23 PM] Jakkal Dingo: I don't know, you'd have to ask the Lindens.
[02:32:28 PM] selene Galaga: oh and just so you know that is a real traansaction your vendors scripts arent perfect

I just about went off on them. In hindsight I probably should have. But you know when you're caught scamming JUST STOP TRYING. Don't be insistant, don't try to save face. I know you're trying to scam me. YOU know you're trying to scam me. And we BOTH know the line you posted is you being TOO FUCKING LAZY to copy the REAL THING from the SL site, which is the same for EVERY FUCKING USER.

And NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING that we sell in World leaves the NAME of the avatar in the transaction history. Your lazy, scamming, cheap ass took the name of the avatar from the Marketplace site, you posted a bunch of bullshit next to it, along with the price and then you sent it to me as if I'd be fucking stupid enough to fall for it. BITCH, please.

[02:33:09 PM] Jakkal Dingo: Go to the SL website. Go to your account. Go to transaction history.
[02:33:18 PM] selene Galaga: then
[02:33:23 PM] Jakkal Dingo: Now if you really did try to buy the avatar, the listing there is a lot different than what you pasted to me.
[02:33:59 PM] selene Galaga: somone dosnt like to give people what they got
[02:34:13 PM] Jakkal Dingo: If you actually bought the avatar, I'd be more than happy to give it to you.

There's a special place in hell for people like you, that can't even fork over a measly $2 for an avatar.
Tags: don't do this, secondlife, sl, sl idiots

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