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Don't do... This.. is why I didn't want little kids on the grid.

[17:31] Dumb Kid: hi
[18:14] Dumb Kid: hi
[12:22] Dumb Kid: hi
[12:35] Dumb Kid: hi i need help at wolf AV
[12:37] Dumb Kid: hi i need help with Wolf AV

All this happened last night and into this morning. I was asleep for most of it. So when I got up, I finally replied: "What help do you need?" I had to reply in email because I couldn't get on SL yet, had a lot of stuff to take care of around the house first (mostly Trakker related stuff).

[12:41] Dumb Kid: im trying to buy the dirtwolf

"I think you mean the direwolf? Not sure if the others have nicknames or not, heh. We have it available in our vendors and on the marketplace."

[12:57] Dumb Kid: i know but im trying to save up for it

Seriously. SERIOUSLY? So when I did hop on SL I look up this person. I told a friend "I bet this is a result of allowing children on the grid". LO AND BEHOLD, thirteen years old.

To any kids reading this, pestering someone over and over like they're your mother isn't going to make them act friendly towards you. No. It's going to ANNOY THE SHIT out of them. Don't do it. If you need legitimate assistance, feel free to send us an IM.

Flooding my inbox with "hi" then stating you need 'help', then stating that the help you need is SAVING UP is NOT legitimate assistance. It's fucking childish and stupid. Stop it.
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