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Don't do this: Enter the lulz

BT must be getting site hits again, I guess, I dunno, maybe people are talking about it since I'm working on it. Because you always know when your site is getting popular when the assholes come out to tell you how much you suck. No not the comic, the person making it for them.

Considering there's not much free entertainment in the world, this kind of thing always makes me wonder. I mean, sure I'm not going out of my way to better humanity. But I am spending my free time making something that I don't require others pay me to see. It's fun for me, and enjoyable for others. And if you don't like it, well, don't read it! I mean seriously, how hard is that?

Then I think you get those people that feel they are entitled. Because I asked for donations and offered BT as the only thing I can give back, I guess more is expected from me. And worse still, this isn't a person that donated. He's a person waiting in the background to reap what others have sown. And I think that's the part that makes me shake my head and snicker. Someone's calling me disgusting and selfish, when his motivations are crystal fucking clear.

I wish IP bans actually meant something, because I'd love to piss in his cornflakes that he can't get the site at all, knowing he probably wetdreams to BT every night.

Anyway, here's where the convo took place: http://blacktapestries.livejournal.com/83675.html

And for people that don't want to jump over there, here's what he said:


You are fucking disgusting, you don't ive a fuck about anyone but yourself, this is a comic so it isn't the end of the world, but it shows how you are as a person. When you need something you make false promises and you must have whatever it is you are asking. But then right after, you can't be bothered to do shit. Fuck you."

I won't bother posting my reply to him. If you want to see it, hit the link above.
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