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Just shoot me

God, I feel like shit. Rag came, yay. Gotta love the monthly friend. My roomie Uath was telling me about how they were talking about female menstruation on public news radio, YUM! Apparently some people see it as a disease, hur hur hur. o.O Wonder if I could get gubment money fer it.. mmyyess.

Anyway, it's not the flow that's keeping me down, it's the illness I seem to have gotten. I have a migrane that's 2 days old now. Ha I'll show it, I'm STILL on the comp despite your pains! Anything I try to eat I nearly puke too, yay. I won't bother to explain the rest, no one reads these damned things anyway.

So in other news, my comic is getting nitpickers!! Kickass, means it's like, got fans, n shit. Too bad most of their questions are to be answered in the next days comic heheh. Oh well. I'm really glad it's taken off like it has. I honestly didn't think anyone would be interested in it. They certainly proved me wrong. I know my friends have been pimping it, and ShadowsMyst's comic shifters (http://shifters.keenspace.com) has given it a lot of hits.

*sigh* In addition to everything else I'm working on, I have several outstanding commissions that I'm trying to get done. The colored pencil ones are taking forever, I just cannot get myself in the mood to work on them. I know if I force myself they'll look like shit. I hope I can get myself out of this rut soon. Once I'm done with these I plan to make commissions again, charging more for the traditional media and giving a big warning about the time it takes for me to finish these colored pencil jobs. I've gotten so used to photoshop I'm finding it hard to return to colored pencil.

Oh well, I have a comic to work on.

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