Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Apartment Hunting

Well, if my bank doesn't allow me to get the house loan, we've found an apartment. It's the one I talked to the other day. They said they didn't mind the three dogs. And the apartment we looked at is full of people that have dogs. It's a very nice fit. The apartment looks out into the woodlands that surround the apartment, and there are hiking trails from there and around a nearby lake. It's so beautiful, I mean it's got the be the best looking scenery you could expect to find within the city limits. The woods are so thick you can't see anything but woods, which is nice. There's a vet on the corner so if the dogs get in trouble, it's literally within walking distance. She doesn't care how many cars we have as long as we don't take up all the spaces in front of the building. And they don't care if we work on our cars in the parking lot. In addition to all these great things, she's holding the apartment until I can find out if I can get the loan (One of the things I was worried about).

So if I can't get the loan, I found a really nice place to move in to. Bonus points also that Forefox literally lives less than a mile away. We'll be neighbors!

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