Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Ocular Migraine

I had an honest to god ocular migraine last night. It's the first time I ever experienced anything like it. I remember seeing articles about it in the past, about how people suffering from this stuff would 'see' things that looked right out of movies with drug abusers in it. But last night after putting away some stuff, I had a clear arch shaped blob of colors affecting my vision. I was looking up info on it, and I had a very hard time actually seeing the text on the screen. It was kind of like, if I tried to read the words to the side a bit, I was fine. But anything I looked at directly was messed up by that weird arc. It was in my right eye only as well.

It was after I looked at the symptoms and causes that I realized I hadn't eaten anything in two days other than a small portion of leftover french fries and chex mix. So I heated up a hot pocket, ate it and went to bed. The weird lightshow went away about 20-25 minutes after it started. Though it left me with a real migraine that I had to sleep through the rest of the night.

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