Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Job Performance and Doobie Grumping

Okay so, I'm tired of posting depressing shit. So here's a good post.

First, I had my 30 day Performance Review last week. I was worried cuz they were telling the other guys all this stuff they were doing wrong. And as an artist, I'm used to 'reviews' being very scathing and soul wracking. But when I had my review, they were quite positive. They didn't have anything negative to say about me. And they had to make an "improvement plan" anyway so they just told me to keep doing what I've been doing and some other generic advice. They said that they liked that I can "Control the chat without being controlling" and "use of humor where it's appropriate". Like often when I ask people if there's anything else I can help them with, they make joking comments, so I jokingly reply. Last week someone asked if I could "make it the weekend already" since they have a weekend beta test key for TSW. And I told them "I'm afraid I cannot control time and space".

Anyway, so that's going well!

And now, Doobie! When I'm at the computer and he wants to play, he sits up and grumbles at me. We call it him 'grumping'. I finally got some video of it on my phone.


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