Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Don't Do This: Entitlement

Been a while since I had one of these!

This guy has a history though, and I don't think he's made the LJ Til now. See this fellow bought one of our draft horse avatars. I created the draft horses on a lark, and just put them out if anyone wanted them. It's not one of our best sellers, it's actually one of our worst. So I'm not going to put a lot of effort into it.

Well this dude bought his avatar in November of last year. He has pestered us for months afterwards demanding an update. And I mean demanding. He acts as if he's entitled to an update automatically after several months because .. I don't know why. There's no logic about it. He says he was told we would be updating it soon, but he must have misunderstood that we updated those avatars after we found an issue with permissions on one of the hair pieces. And I know WolfShaman has tried to explain to this douchebag what that entails, not a total update.

Anyway, here's the log. Short and sweet. Leaving his name in because, well, frankly I just don't care anymore.

[16:23] EquineMascot Resident: will there ever be an update to the anthro v2.1 draft horse, or is it time to just find a more capable creator? I've waited nearly a year now. this is utterly pathetic.
[16:29] Jakkal Dingo: I would suggest you find a more capable creator.
[16:29] EquineMascot: ah. didn't figure you'd actually do something physical.
[16:30] EquineMascot: time to boycott werehouse

I feel sorry for whoever sells avatars to this guy. Have fun with him.

So to put this in a little perspective. This guy bought a $3 USD avatar while I was busy packing up out of the house I bought with my husband because the bank wouldn't let me take over the loan, after he died.

Three months later, he demanded an update, while I was busy trying to get everything after the move sorted. A few months later, while I was working for Funcom, he pesters my staff again, insults my staff, insults me and my work.

And now today, for his $3 avatar he insults us again.

You sir are an asshole. I'm glad you're 'boycotting' us, as I don't want to deal with you again. You paid for your avatar, and you got your avatar. You did not pre-purchase something. You were not promised anything. You paid $3 for an avatar and you GOT that avatar, and you have USED that avatar. That is as far as the purchase goes. I'm sorry that our company cannot live up to the overwhelming fantasy you seem to think SL stores must live up to. Actually, no, I'm not sorry. I have far more things to worry about than you and your $3 avatar.
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