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Trolls in group chats!

So, some dude decided to spam one of the SL group chats I'm in with this huge wall of text:

[14:35] CustomCreatorAt Aftermath: whats the origin of that rumor?? I see this spread too often, that is you make it for only yourelf, or if you freebie it out that is cool to violate IP rights. I would love to see the citation of a legitimate website that is the source of all the rumors that says as long as its free you can violate someones IP rights. Cause unless they changed the laws, there is no such site and there is no such rule. For there to be such a rule, that would imply that one could produce 10,000 RL Loius Vutton purses and absolutely flood the market with those knock offs, so long as their free---and there is no such rule so Id really love to see the cited source of this rumor. ...if you look up on the wiki you will note that pepole are being sued for "distributing" fan based material. The term "selling" comes after "distributing" which implies they are seperate or in other words they intend for the word "distributing" to include whether or not one obtains profit for that act. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_labor th
[14:35] CustomCreatorAt Aftermath: e paragraph of interest is called Copyright holders fight fans

This was totally out of the blue, and several people replied with "What?" and "What are you talking about?" So he proceeded to insult them.

[14:36] Someone 1: uh...what?
[14:36] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): i know reading is hard....
[14:36] Someone 2: Reading is hard when you don't paragraph your statements. It's hard to read bricks. =P
[14:37] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): wanting to hear and an actual and true answer are not the same
[14:37] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): flame you didnt read
[14:37] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): its a question I asked
[14:37] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): not a copy from a blog
[14:37] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): how about reading instead of trolling
[14:38] Someone 1: excuse me? Are you trying to be serious?
[14:38] Someone 1: as for the rumor, I haven't even heard of it
[14:38] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): im muting you because flame, youre a troll
[14:38] Someone 2 : Gosh. Put on your big girl panties, Illusion. Noone's out to get you, we're just stating that your first post was a bit extragavant. :)
[14:39] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): i could twitter head it.....and put it in multiple 40 character chunks for the slow ones

I cut some stuff out because I'm sure some people wouldn't want what they've said in my LJ. But you can see what a douche he is. And so I decide to interject as soon as he starts insulting people's intelligence.

[14:40] Jakkal Dingo: Look. If you're going to insult people's intelligence, the very least you could do is capitalize, use proper grammar, sentence structure and spelling. That's not cool, bro.
[14:40] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): love how people dont respond to the question but in how difficult they found it to read the question quickly
[14:40] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): jakkal that irrelevant group chats are not FORMAL communications
[14:41] Jakkal Dingo: If you wish to convey your message to your audience, despite the atmosphere, you need to work harder at it. Because as the replies to your post have proven, you failed in your attempts to communicate said message.

So then he PMs me:

[14:42] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): jakkal if you have a problem with comprehsion and retaining what youve read maybe you should get a tutor and stay in school
[14:43] Jakkal Dingo: Amusing, coming from someone that can't tell the difference between 'their' and 'they're'.
[14:43] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): amusing coming from a half brained low brow who cant even reply to a question
[14:43] Illusion Foundation (customcreatorat.aftermath): muted....
[14:43] Jakkal Dingo: I love it dude, keep it up Captain Trollface.

I guess he really did mute me because he never said anything after that. A pity, could have been a fun read.
Tags: don't do this

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