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Wow, haven't used this in a while.

Well I've been working on Kaerwyn's comic since March. Managed to make it to page 50 on a fairly regular schedule: http://kaerwyn.blacktapestries.com/ It's good to get back in the saddle. Though I've lost interest in Lorelei as a whole, Endy keeps me going.

I just watched the most hilariously bad "Critical Analysis" of Black Tapestries that someone posted on Youtube. Though you know me, I love drama. It's supposedly a "Critical Analysis" though he says in the beginning that it's not based on Facts and is mostly his opinion. That's not a Critical Analysis. That's a rant. A critical analysis is when you detach yourself emotionally and talk about the strengths and weaknesses per some standard if not story, then design. Critiques are made that help improve an artist. When you just whine about how you don't like something, that's not a critique, it doesn't help the artist. It just tells the artist you don't like it.

I don't mind critiques, we as artists cannot possibly grow without them. Though this guy seems to have some personal issue with the way BT's story went. And he said that he would rewrite it so that Issac took Lorelei in as his apprentice and made her a super awesome leader of the Order.

This guy clearly didn't understand how anything worked. He mentioned that Issac's backstory was one of his favorite issues and yet he failed to understand the context that just because someone is born with an artstream doesn't actually made them the leader, it makes them a pawn.

But most of his argument was 'omg I love furries and these humans hate furries and I'm going to call the furries the villians even though they aren't, and then I'm going to bash these assumptions I made as if they were truth and gospel of the comic'. What few facts he tried to add to the comic were wrong, dead, blatantly wrong. And then he tried to bash them. When you make up my stories for me and then bash them, you're not really bashing me.

Funny part is when he bashes the artwork, but this guy has ripped so much of my art it's not even funny. Even his comic's main character is basically a Lorelei ripoff.

Needless to say, it was horrible. But I enjoyed it enough to post on it now because it was epically lulzy. Maybe with my mentioning it here it will receive more than 285 views for the 3 years it's been online.
Tags: black tapestries, bt, comics, kaerwyn

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