Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Kaerwyn Wiki

Man, Kaerwyn's been around for 12 years. Hard to believe. And it's still going. Even harder to believe. I have no life.

Regardless, I've set up a wiki for Kaerwyn! This is actually the second wiki we've set up. The first one died a horrible death to spammers and was generally hard to use. But I discovered that my webhost would now let us use mediawiki! (That's the software that Wikipedia uses!) And this is easier to use, easier to set up and easier to administrate.

It will have comic information on it, but for now it's mostly for the RP. But if anyone wants to read it for the lulz: Kaerwyn Wiki

FYI, only active players can sign up or edit anything on the wiki.

I had fun making the site look pretty.
Tags: kaerwyn

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