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Well I didn't get to work on the werewolf..

The weekends are always pretty busy for me since that's the only real time I get to spend with Bow. It's also when we get in our best RPing for the Kaerwyn comic, which we've finally gotten some new blood involved with. Some of the lucky guys from the public Kaerwyn were 'promoted' to the comic. I'm enjoying RPing with them, but getting them involved in the stories is difficult.

Oh well. I spent some time talking with Bow last night about BT and we pretty much came up with a storyline that'll last us another 3 issues. Yay! I'd like to actually get issue 11 totally written out before I actually draw it. The ad-libbing them proved detrimental in Issue 10 (Made it drag on horribly as I was stuck on the plot).

Anyway, right now I'm going to relax and enjoy my break.

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