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Mun Hell? Why yes, I've been there.

Yes, another dream last night. This comes from getting one of my characters mauled and nearly killed last night in an RP session. For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about: Mun: Mundane = the person playing the characters. Mun Hell: Where malicious muns go. Basically it's a "What goes around comes around" type deal. We always made fun of it in RP, until we started dreaming we were our characters. Scary thing how the mind works.

Anyway, I dreamt I was Lorelei again last night. I think I need to see a shrink or something, cuz this is just way fucked up. I was in a castle with a group of people. I have no idea who they are/were, but I knew them in the dream. Anyway, no idea why I was in the castle either. If I really was Lorelei in the dream, then I was likely trying to rob the place. It was a castle on top of a mountain, as in several rooms were literally hanging over the edge. I was walking on the outter edge with 4 other people. Two were trying to escape as the castle started to fall apart. I noticed one outer balcony was lose, and I actually lifted it up and threw it off the mountain. This caused the whole castle to basically collapse. Myself and this other chick were running to escape, back to the main part of the castle whish was intact. I remember just as I got to the doorway, the floor gave, my last step didn't connect to the ground at all. My momentum carried me into the castle, thankfully. I told that other chick how thankful I was for actually making it in. Weird. I looked back and down to the ruins falling thousands of feet below into the nothingness that surrounded the castle. Yes, trippy dream indeed. I woke up just after that, really paniced and freaked out. Funny since during the dream itself I wasn't that scared. I think it was the bacardi and hamburger helper I had before I went to bed.

In other news, we found a stray on the side of the road Friday. She's a dachshund mix (I believe she has some golden retreiver in her). She's absolutely adorable, but when we found her she was covered in ticks, fleas and was starving. So we've bathed her, gotten rid of all the parasites, and FED HER! She's so cute, she is teh cute!!1! Anyway, we're still looking for a home for the dog we affectionally call "Squeaky".

More later, need to color tonite's comic.

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