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Couldn't sleep

My sinuses are flaring again. This doesn't make me a happy Jakkal. Oh well, everyone's got their little problems in life, I have perpetually clogged sinuses. I'm hoping a change in the air filter will clear it up.

Anyway, I Think I'm going to start up a new WAG (Were Artist's Guild) project. I've been putzing around with the RPGToolkit to make a Kaerwyn game for about a year now. But it's really confusing, and VERY time consuming, and I'm afraid I'm going to put all this effort into it and not have a worthwhile project. So I'd like to make a were-related video game for 'the community' and see how many people can help me out with it. I think it'll be a worthwhile, if not fun, project. But we'll see.

In any case, I yoinked this art survey thing:
artist survey

Name you sign your pieces with: Jakkal
Avatar character: That's how I 'see' myself if I were an anthro wolf.

Technique -
Style you draw in: Uh... my own? Surrealistic.
Fav. Traditional Media: Pencil
Fav. Digital Media: Photoshop

Have you ever -
Sold your work: Yes
Been to a convention: Not for furries, no.
Sold work at a convention: No
Been given gift art: Yes
Been given a con badge: No
Been given either one of those two by someone who you didn't know: Yes
Done a commission: Yes
Done an art trade: Yes

Local -
What archives are you on, if any?: VCL, Deviant Art, Transfur, TO's gallery, Kaerwyn's gallery
Do you have a website for your art?: http://www.drakkolupen.com
Do you have a sketch/art blog?: No

Misc -
Would you consider yourself popular?: Uh, I have no idea. I'm sure people refer to me as "That chick that draws that Black Tapestries comic"
Do you get a lot of fanmail?: Lots
What's your most famous character: Lorelei the Drifter
What did you think of this survey?: I am Sofa King. We Ta Ded.

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