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I have FOUND my dream truck

It is just like Lore's truck inthe Kaerwyn comic, 2001 Chevrolet S10 ZR2 4.3V6 ----5 speed manual---- and it's BLUE!! Ok unlike the comic, this truck still has it's roof infact, but that's ok for safety/structural issues. But this is the truck I have been daydreaming about for YEARS. Bow and I are prolly going to look at it next weekend. We're willing to trade the Yukon in for it. The payments should be about the same.

We haven't seen the truck yet though, so the Dealer is supposed to send us pics tomorrow. I hope it's in good shape. It's got a grill guard, bedliner, and toolbox and everything. Just like Lore's truck. It doesn't have the light bar, don't worry that will come soon enough >:D

In other news, I want to rip out my face to relieve the pressure in my sinsuses. I only got 3 hrs of sleep saturday night, and I slept nearly all last night as I was doped up to hell on three different kinds of sinus meds. It's a little better now but I can still feel it nagging at me. I hate that feeling.

Let's see, what else. I kicked off the Were Video Game idea. It's an official Were Artists Guild project now. So any guild members can participate, and anyone can become a guild member just by participating. So it's an open community resource. You can get the information on the forums HERE.

Here's a rough list of what we need for the project, so if you have any time to donate, it would help us out (Please post to those forums to volunteer, not my LJ):
Storyboard Developers - These are the people who will decide the storylines, plots, and character dialogue for the RP.

Game Play Developers - These people will decide the actual back end stuff for the RP as it goes on, such as monsters, monster stats, status levels, special attacks, items, weapons, armor, etc.

Graphic Artists - You guys will either make custom images for the RPG, or you can take the templates on the RPGToolkit site and edit them for our use. You guys will also be the people to convert the images from standard graphic formats to the format that the toolkit uses. This also means taking larger images and breaking them into 32x32px images.

Sound Techs - You guys will either make the music (midi and mp3 I believe) or you'll decide on what background music from the stuff offered on the toolkit site. You'll also decide on what sound effects, which you can either make or, again, take from the toolkit site.

Programmers - I believe that you can program your own scripts using either the built in 'language' or generic c++. I'd need someone with actual programming experience to look into this. But if so, anyone that has programming knowledge could help us write custom scripts for the project.

Miscellaneous Helpers - Just incase I forgot something vital that others can help with.

That's all for now.

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