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I haven't been swimming in far too long. They finally opened the pool to the apartment complex, so this was the first time we got to swim there. There's no hours on the pool which is great for us since Bow works 3rd shift. We plan to jump in the pool when he gets home from work (About 6am or so). I did some laps while I was in there, as I always found swimming to be the most fun exercise evar. I was on my HS's swim team and all. Next week I hope to get some weight-lifting in before jumping in the pool, since we have some weight machines in the clubhouse.

I've also heard that sinus-problems tend to clear up when you're more active, so I'm hoping to get a least a little relief by exercising more. I'm surprised that my sinuses didn't screw me while Iwas in the pool. But anyway I had fun, and now my hair is all curly from the Chlorine.

Also something I haven't had in a long time, home made steaks. Since we're in an apartment now, it's harder to grill (State law says we have to be 15ft away from any structure). But tonite we're going to sit outside and enjoy the night while we cook steaks. I'm looking forward to it.

It's nice to have a relaxing weekend for once. I just wish Bow got Monday off like everyone else. Oh well.

Speaking of relaxing, the day started off a little stressful as some kids in their rice rockets started fucking with us on the road. Fuckers. Thankfully their little farty cars couldn't compete with the raw power of a 350V8 in a Caprice. Yeah it's a station wagon, but it's a damn cool station wagon. I'd love for Bow to make it into an Impala SS clone wagon. That'd be awesome.

Let's see, what else. We got some loan information back from a few banks. And according to them, we can get a loan for the ZR2 where we're paying $300 a month, about the same as the yukon now. Awesome. We couldn't go up and check it out this weekend because the Yukon is at the shop getting a new rear end. Suck. At least it's under warrentee. The yukon is starting to nickel and dime us, so naturally that's pushing us to getting the ZR2. OH yeah, I got pics of the ZR2 now! Check this out:


Hot hot hot truck!! Must get! Especially with the 5sp manual, very very rare in a S10 ZR2, and hooked up to that 4.3 V6, swwweeeeettt. Bow and I were even musing about putting a vortec 350 and a camaro 6sp tranny in it. Wouldn't that be the shit?

Oh well, all for now.

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