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Well I'm sitting here waiting for Bow to get back in the car so I can talk to him s'more. Today has been overly pathetic. I worked a little on that wolfygirl pic. I still need to come up with a name for her.

In addition to that, and working on BT, I've been in a flame fest of sorts on ... of all places ... my deviant art gallery. HAHA, what amusement this guy provides for me. Ok so here's a synopsis. He posted on my journal trying to recruite me originally. His plan is to genetically manipulate and create a draconic body, and then transfer his mind into it. Then, using that body, and with the help from his army (Also using genetically manipulated bodies) they're going to destroy all the weapons plants in the world, and then the world leaders, then the rest of the humans, and then they will reign supreme with their new bodies.

Ok, at first I Thought the guy was RPing, to which he was spamming my DA account to get more players. But oh no, I checked it out, and he's very serious about it from what I can tell. That gave me the start flag for a flame fest!! I don't consider it a flame war, because in a war, both sides are armed. In any case, we've gotten some good laughs out of this guy, if you wanna see the thread, well.... http://drakkolupen.deviantart.com . His DA name is ~UrzaKyubi.

Feel free to tell him what you think. Like I said, it was a good laugh for a couple of hours. I wonder how long he'll continue?

Oh well. Poor angsty child. Maybe one day he'll grow up and have friends. Or one day he'll go columbine. I'm seriously thinking about reporting his site to the feds. Hey they take stuff like this seriously now-a-days.

S'all for now.

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