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Yes my minions!

It is time! Come together to help me End the world of all the IDIOTS! We shall give it the ingenious name of TEOI! That's right, The End Of Idiots!

*Cough* You guys are so mean picking on that poor retard like that. I LOVE EET! It's hilarious how everyone is smiting him through logic... and pointless insults. I guess I'm having one of my immature moments, but I get a little tiffed at people that, yanno, wanna kill me.

So yeah, I'm thinking about making a total parody site of his, about killing all idiots and yadda yadda. Maybe I'll do that tonite after BT.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you have to read the diatribe of http://drakkolupen.deviantart.com

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