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Well we're not getting the ZR2

As much as I love the little ZR2, we found a much better deal, a 2001 Silverado Z71 LT.

Look, piccy!

It's got the heated leather seats that I've been dreaming of! My ass is going to so love this truck. And it's a pretty green (Though one day, damnit, I will get indigo again!)

Anyway, we hafta go to atlanta to pick it up (suck). I hate Atlanta. I think Bow is going to fly down by himself to get it though, it would be cheaper than driving two vehicles (with gas prices as they are).

Maybe we'll actually keep this truck for a while. Say, anyone interested in buying a 1996 Yukon GT for $8k? We need to sell it now. It's got step bars, grill guard, loaded (Even leather) and it looks really cool.

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