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Kalani's Vet Visit

So, I took Kalani to the vet yesterday to get her second boosters. Normally I'd put her cage in the avalanche and take her, but I kinda wanted her to get used to being in a vehicle without the cage, and the vet we go to is literally a block away (we could walk there, but it was pouring down rain). So I didn't think it would be much of a problem to just put her in the extended cab of my S10 and just drive her up there real quick.

Well, as I said, it was POURING rain, I got soaked just going from our apartment to the parking lot, putting her in the truck, and then hopping in myself.

Now before I go on, I need to give a little backstory. When I got Kalani, the person that listed her on Craigslist said that she was rescued from a litter from a person that wanted to use the puppies in pit bull fighting, I guess as one of those bait dogs that the pit bulls kill while in 'training'. I just thought it might be a sob story created by this fellow to try to get rid of his dog's little 'accidents' sooner.

I've noticed over the past few weeks that she has become increasingly scared of other dogs, especially other dogs barking. She's even scared when Doobie barks (And she gets along very well with Doobie).

When I called the vet to make the appointment I asked them if they could get us in a room as soon as possible because she's so terrified, and I didn't want to compound that fear with her being in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable place. Of course the staff blew me off.

So we finally get there. I wait a few minutes to see if the rain would let up, but no such luck. I have to run with her from the parking lot to the vets, and we're both thoroughly soaked at this point. Of course as soon as we get inside, it stops raining >:|

So we sit down and wait. We're in there for 20 minutes, obviously giving no shits about her fear. I figured that would happen (I've worked at a vet as well and you can't just put someone in a room. They have to be sterilized and stuff beforehand.) I figured if any dogs came in, I'd just go sit in the truck with her. Luckily, no dogs came in.

She's very healthy by the way and her exam wen't very well. She even wagged her tail for the butt probes.

The trouble started on the checkout. This fellow came in with a very burly Staffordshire Terrier. For people that don't recognize the breed name, that is a bully breed. I've got nothing against them. However, it barked and Kalani started throwing a huge fit, to the point of nearly choking herself and almost took down an entire display of food supplements for dogs. I had to put her behind the counter just to make her stop trying to choke herself on the leash. The poor guy that owned the dog was very worried, because, obviously, he has a bully breed dog and they have a very bad reputation. I tried to explain to him that his dog was fine (Very well behaved except the barking, which it wouldn't stop doing) but my dog was screaming in terror. Literally, screaming. Like a Shiba Inu that just got ran over screaming.

They finally check me out after a song and dance. I have no idea how much I paid for her visit, I just grabbed the box of heartworm pills they gave me, and just took off running for the truck. I get her in the truck. She's still terrified and screaming, and generally flipping her shit (Thankfully she didn't shit). She was desperately trying to get out of the truck, making it increasing difficult for me to get into it and at the same time, make sure she doesn't fall out of it. I ended up hitting her in the head pretty hard with the truck door trying to close it between the time of me pushing her back and keeping her from getting out :( That's going to haunt me for some time but she seems okay. I made a quick harness out of her leash (Something we learned to do a lot at the aforementioned vet that I worked at) and I put her in the passenger side seat with the seatbelt holding her in place. She literally had inches of movement. I knew I had to get her home quickly. Unfortunately this vet is a corner where I can't just turn back the way I came in, I had to take the long way around the block home.

Somehow just as I get onto the main, very busy road, she managed to flip herself into the extended cab part, while still connected to the seatbelt, still screaming and now nearly hanging herself because of how she was tied down. So all the while trying to avoid traffic, keep the truck in gear (it's a stick) I quickly had to release the seat belt to let her go. Now she's in the back of the cab flipping her shit, she's loose, and in a truck that's a manual transmission.

Immediately she jumps back onto the center console, tries to jump on my arms, again holding the stick, and is still screaming and clawing me. I managed to not so gently nudge her into the passenger seat, where she starts to try to jump onto the dash and clawing at the dashboard, then the window, then back into the extended cab.

I know it was only a 5 minute drive, but it felt like an hour. After I finally get home, I have to do a similar song and dance to get her out of the truck without her falling. Unfortunately that didn't work so well. The good news is I parked the truck next to the curb, which is soft with mulch. She falls into the mulch.

She immediately takes off running to the apartment, rushes into the bathroom and hides behind the toilet (That's her safe spot). Then she proceeds to vomit.

That was my day yesterday. I'm starting to believe that she may have been a dog stuck in a puppy mill, or in a dog fighting ring.

Today I've been trying to desensitize her to barking, by playing youtube videos of dogs barking at the same time as distracting her with treats. I'm trying to associate the barking with the treats. I've started to have some moderate success. She started to ignore the videos after a while but only while I was holding a treat in my hands. This is going to take some time I think.

Anyone else have any suggestions for desensitizing a dog with a severe phobia? I've never had a dog behave this way before, so it's my first.
Tags: dog phobia, kalani

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