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Man am I tired

I swam several laps in the pool today, so I feel goooooddd. I love swimming, it's great exercise, and it was so cold that no one else was in the pool! Yeah it was only 75F here, weird. We were hitting record highs in the 90's in May but now it's been in the 70's lately. Oh well. I wasn't cold at all, nope, I wore my wetsuit, mehehehe. Yeah I cheated, I haven't worn the thing in years, but it still fit, cuz I'm still toothpick shaped.

When we were done at the pool, we hung around the pool area for a while to dry off ,then we did our laundry. After that we went to the fitness room, since the laudry machines are in the same building as our complex's fitness room. Spend 40 minutes working out and I feel great. I've got to go down there more often.

We saw a wierd thing when we were swimming though. This hawk was chasing a dove and hit the side of the building next to the pool. There was a little burst of feathers everywhere and I ran out of the pool to see what was going on. The hawk just stood there and stared at me, he didn't give two shits that I was there and looking for the dove just like he was. I found the dove and chased it off so it hid under a bush. The hawk was hanging around after that, taking different vantage points to see where the dove went. Eventually the hawk gave up. I kept trying to get to the dove after that. I wanted to see if it was hurt. I wasn't sure if it was just dazed or seriously injured, but when it kept trying to fly away, it only went a few feet and held it's right wing funny. But when Bow helped me corner it, it jumped up and flew over him. We were pretty sure it was alright after that :)

So now we get to make the weekly run to walmart. Joy. At least when we go at this time of night, there aren't nearly as many people there. And the self-checkout lanes give it mostly waiting free lines. The only bad thing is, they're usually out of everything we need. They can't stock worth shit.

I drove the silverado last night. TEE HEE. It's so massive. And all this time I Thought size didn't matter. I've already started looking at accessories on ebay for it. Let's see, it needs step bars (Cuz I have to lift myself with the oh shit bar to get in), I'd like to get a light bar and KC Daylighters on it, but Bow needs to put a soft tonneau cover on it incase he needs to use it for work as a backup vehicle or in inclimate weather (That's why we MUST have a 4x4, and he's used it in the past). I also wanna get some of that cool euro designed taillights for it. We also need to put fender flares on it cuz the tires are way beefy and stick out of the wheel wells... and that means that the mud, rocks, dirt n shit are getting kicked up onto the side of the truck (that's why it has so many damn scratches on it).

I took piccies of it, here's my fav:

It's hard to tell in the pic, but the top of the tires comes up to my waist. It's very tall. If Bow had gotten up earlier I would have taken a pic of one of us standing next to it just to show how tall the thing is.

All for now.

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